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Extra information: “Half-sister Argentully” B10-5181286 – origineel Verreckt-Ariën Is a half-sister of top hen “Argentully” “Argentully” B07-5035312 won: Olympiad bird Poznan 2011 Ace West-european Country Cup 1 1 10 4 23 5 12

National Tulle Provincial Argenton S-National Argenton Provincial Chateauroux National (z) Chateauroux Provincial Montluçon S-National Montluçon

6,698b. 1,483b. 5,439b. 1,437b. 4,706b. 1,104b. 4,490b.

Comes out the coupling “Super breeder” x “Daughter 608” “Super breeder” B02-6269229 Is father of: “078-05”:

2nd ace Ave Regina


alle information see above

Is a son of “De Montauban” x “Jealous Mama Dikke” “Daughter 608” – B03-6454929 Is a half-sister of top cock “Armstrong” “Armstrong” B99-6366883 Won

1 2 9 36 39 43 75 102

national ace Ave Regina national ace De Reisduif S-national Chateauroux S-national Argenton national zone Bourges national zone Bourges national zone Limoges S-national Chateauroux

3,137b. 10,461b. 6,870b. 4,445b. 4,931b. 11,714b.

Is father of : “Amber”:

1 prov. Argenton 1 nat. Argenton dv 6 nat. Argenton

570b. 1,250b. 3,949b.


1 prov Chateauroux



1 prov Montlucon



1 interprov. Bourges 1 prov. Chateauroux 1 prov. Chateauroux 7 nat. Bourges 19 prov. Bourges 26 prov. Chateauroux

6,573b. 2,424b. 1,437b. 22,476b. 3,165b. 1,642b.

Is grandfather of : “Proudo”:

1 West European ace Fond 2011 2 prov. Moulins 658b. 2 S-nat. Moulins 2,675b. 5 S-nat. Chateauroux 8,187b. 6 nat. Zone Argenton 2,700b. 15 nat. Bourges 16,771b.


Olympiad bird Poznan 2011 7 national ace Fond KBDB 2010 1 provincial ace Fond KBDB 2010 2 nat. zone Tulle 2,090b. 9 nat. zone Souillac 1,708b. 27 nationaal Souillac 7,597b. 23 nationaal Tulle 6,598b. 30 nat. Zone Bourges 6,628b.


2 national Argenton 4 S-nat. Montlucon 12 prov. Chateauroux 17 prov. Bourges


Olympiad bird Poznan 2011 1 national Tulle 6,698b. 1 prov. Argenton 1,483b. 23 Chateauroux 4,706b. 12 Montlucon 4,490b.


1 prov. Bourges


Olympiad bird Allround Poznan (by Baeck)

Is a daughter of “Old Houben” x “608” “Old Houben” B95-6222442 Is father of:

9,901b. 7,516b. 2,424b. 2,356b.


“Armstrong”: see above “Yilian”:

1st provincial Aurillac


1st provincial Le Mans

Is grandfather of: “Amber”:

1e National (z) Argenton 1,340b.


1e National (z) Limoges

“608” - B99-6427608 – won: 1st provincial ace middle distance 1999 1 Sens 1,252b. 4 Orleans 538b. 6 Sens 1,042b. 7 Toury 1,010b. 11 Marne 701b.

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