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Extra information “409-Son Yoran” B10-5110409– original Verreckt-Ariën Is a son out the coupling “Yoran” x “B06-2103949” “Yoran” B03-5063326 – original Verreckt-Ariën Won: 3 8 12 32 65

provincial Aurrilac provincial Souillac provincial Limoges provincial Limoges provincial Brive


Is a brother of “Mila”: 4 provincial Souillac Is father of “Son Yoran 734” “Son Yoran 734” won 5 69 96 27 52

Marne La Chatre La Chatre Nevers Nevers

1,292b. 1,294b. 4,622b. 1,718b. 2,785b.

Is a don out the coupling “Den Argenton” x “Patricia” “Den Argenton” B10-5110183 Won: 5

S-National Argenton


Is vader van:


1 provincial Bourges 1,982b.


1 provincial Gien 5,800b.


3 provincial Aurrilac 1,091b.

Is a son out the base couple “Den Dikke Lowet” x “Lang Lowet” “Patricia” B00-2168778 Is mother of 4 different provincial winners 1st provincial Gien 1st provincial Bourges 1st provincial Chateauroux 2nd National Argenton 3rd National Limoges

5,800b. 2,300b. 2,400b. 5,001b. 7,300b.

Is a daughter from a full brother of world famous “Kannibaal” of Dirk Van Dijck. “B06-2103949”

Daughter out the coupling “Mister Rapid” x “Het Provinciaaltje” “Mister Rapid” B03-2244269 Son of “Rapido”: 3rd national ace “Het Provinciaaltje” B99-2251396 Won

2 x 1st provincial Blois 31st National Bourges 93rd National Bourges 56th National Argenton

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