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Extra information “Daughter Piet” NL09-1556702 – original Jo Hendriks and son Born out the coupling “Piet” x “Teletekst duivin” “Piet” NL07-1082639 – original Lindelauf Is a full brother of 1st National Orleans 37,602 birds. Other brothers/sister win: 1 1 2 3 8 10

Reims Sourdun Reims Reims Sourdun Marche

2,019b. 1,866b. 2,019b. 2,019b. 1,866b. 1,488b.

Is a grandson of “Wonderboy” “Wonderboy” won

1 1

Etampes Orleans

11,500b. 5,359b.

1 8

Marche Charleville

2,100b. 2,053b.

Is a son of “Het Wolterke” “Het Wolterke” won

“Teletekst duivin” NL02-5241439 – original Hendriks Won

2 5

Mettet NPO Lorris

622b. 5,256b.

Is a daughter of “De Kleine 273” x “62 duivin” “De kleine 273” NL98-5816273 Won: 7 8 12

NPO Sezanne 5,273b. NPO Bourges 7,323b. NPO Bourges 8,231b.

“62-duivin” NL98-1783762 Won: 1 1 21

Chimay Ciney National Orleans


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