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Extra information “Daughter Lady Sprint” NL11-1073879 – original Jo Henriks and son High class poffer out the coupling “Brother Marieke” x “Lady Sprint” “Brother Marieke” B10-3020446 – original Rik Cools Full brother of “Marieke” “Marieke” won:

1st provincial ace KBDB Fond West-Flanders 1 14 17 25 99

Gueret Blois La Souterraine Bourges Argenton

5,166b. 5,035b. 2,553b. 4,180b. 2,838b.

Is a daughter of “Gaby’s Bliksem” x “Flicka” “Gaby’s Bliksem” B05-3006794 – original Gaby Vandenabeele Son of worldfamous “Bliksem” “De Bliksem” B98-3158062 – original Gaby Vandenabeele Won: 1 2 4 5 8

provincial Poitiers 1,448b. provincial Chateauroux 4,662b. provincial Ruffec 1,778b. provincial Perigueux 1,119b. provincial Poitiers 2,975b.

Famous grandchildren are : “Yvan” – Herbots Gebroeders 1st national ace middle distance KBDB 2009 4th national ace great middle distance KBDB 2008 “Paola” : 1st national Argenton 7,390 b. in 2010 “Barnaby”

1st provincial Bourges year birds 2nd nat. Bourges year birds 22,499b. 3rd provincial Argenton 3,387b. 3rd provincial Argenton 5,251b.

“Marieke” – Rik Cools 1 provincial ace Fond KBDB 1 national zone Gueret 5,166b.

“Harry” – Jan Hooymans 1 National ace WHZB Fond 2009 1 NPO Blois 5,553b. 1 NPO Chateauroux 5,979b. 3 NPO Chateauroux 8,781b. “Ballon” – Hennes Kristiaan 1 Interprov. Argenton 3,136b. Fastest of 8,961b. “Flicka” B04-3238531 – original Rik Cools Full sister of “Darling” “Darling” won 1 National Bourges ‘04 1 Provincial ace KBDB ‘04 “Lady Sprint” NL10-2040720 – original Jo Hendriks Full sister of: “NL07-1089131”:

7 12 14

NPO La Souterraine NPO Blois NPO Bourges


1 1 29

Sezanne Reims Nationaal Blois

492b. 758b. 54,129b.

Is a daughter of “Witpen Sprint” x “Teletekst duivin” “Witpen Sprint” NL06-6180976 – original Erik Berckmoes Son of “Olympic Sprint” “Olympic Sprint” won 1st Olympiad bird short distance Lievin “Teletekst duivin” NL02-5241439 – original Hendriks Won

2 5

Mettet NPO Lorris

622b. 5,256b.

Is a daughter of “De Kleine 273” x “62 duivin” “De kleine 273” NL98-5816273 Won: 7 8 12

NPO Sezanne 5,273b. NPO Bourges 7,323b. NPO Bourges 8,231b.

“62-duivin” NL98-1783762 Won: 1 1 21

Chimay Ciney National Orleans