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Extra information: “Son Dirky” NL06-1569689 – original Veenstra Pieter Is a full brother of NL05-1909327 – original Pieter Veenstra Father of “3089-10”:

won 24 prizes on 26 races 2 against 4,041b. – 440km 7 against 3,334b. – 520km 8 against 2,061b. – 330km 10 against 2,381b. – 250km

Is a son of top breeder “Dirky” x “Daughter Gladiator” “Dirky” NL99-1585505 – original Gerard Koopman Is father of: “Da Vinci”:

1 2

NPO Ablis Menen

7,946b. 16,753b.


4 18

NPO Orleans NPO Creil

7,199b. 11,289b.

“Iron Lady”










NPO Le Mans 9,506b.

Is a son of world famous “Kleine Dirk” – Gerard Koopman “Kleine Dirk” NL98-5821416 – original Gerard Koopman Won: 1st national ace 1999 5th World champion young birds 1999 1st NPO Troyes 17,833b. 1st NPO Bourges 7,155b. 1st Maaseik 3,522b. 1st Troyes 2,423b. Famous children of “Kleine Dirk” are: “Geralda”: base breeding hen by Combinatie Verbree “Dirky”: base cock by Pieter Veenstra “Aladin”: base breeder by Marijke Vink “Charley”: super breeder by Marcel Sangers

“Amorés Dirk” : top breeder by Cor Leytens, father of 1st NPO winner and 1st National ace “Dirkje”: topbreeder by Jan Hooymans – mother super crack “Harry” “Wondere Dirk”: top breeder by Anton Ruitenberg “Wonder Van Haacht”: father/grandfather of 40 different 1st prize winners by Horst en Frank Sander. “Daughter Gladiator” NL03-5340930 – original Pieter Veenstra Won

2 4 8 11 13

Chantilly Boxtel Charleville Wychen Maaseik

957b. 3,878b. 2,658b. 2,135b. 3,984b.

Is a daughter of “Gladiator” x “Diamond Lady” “Gladiator” NL99-2255904 – strain: Aarden-Jansen Best Fond bird in national competition WHZB - 2002 5 National ace NPO afdeling 12 - 2002 “Diamond Lady” B96-6287344 – original Dirk Van Dijck Daughter “Kannibaal” x “Sister Rambo” Full sister of “Golden Lady” , mother “Kleine Dirk” by Koopman “Kleine Dirk”: all informatie see above

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