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Extra information “Son Martina” NL09-1667281 – original Vredeveld-Leemhuis Superb cock out the coupling “Grandson Toy Boy” x “Martina” “Grandson Toy Boy” NL07-1199291 – original Harm Vredevel “Toy Boy” NL00-4726983 won: 3 4 9 10 12

Boxtel Hannut Maaseik Houdeng Ablis

12.995b. 3.448b. 15.728b. 13.839b. 10.030b.

Is a grandson of the “Love Pair” “Martina” NL04-2235623 – original Martin van Zon Won: 4 Le Mans th 12 fastest against 120,000b. 14 Creil 34 Orleans 57 Arras 162 Haasrode

8,491b. 12,341b. 7,484b. 10,512b. 14,297b.

Comes out the coupling “NL00-2475522” x “NL01-1890107” “NL00-2475522” – original Martin van Zon Father of “995-02” “995-02” won: 1 3 4

Pont Chantilly Troyes

“NL01-1890107 – original Martin van Zon Won

1 3

Hensies Ablis

4,116b. 2,840b.

4,491b. 1,387b. 1,218b.