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Extra information: This bird has been auctioned before , but due to the fact that the internet buyer(Mr. Chauvin – France) did not pay, this bird is auctioned again. “Barcelona Power” DV04900-05-2900 – original Kipp and Zoon Pure marathon gold ! Is a son out the coupling “Lucky Luke” x “La Petite Marseille” “Lucky Luke” DV04900-98-1455 – original Kipp and son Proven breeder and father of: 25 29 56 66

International Perpignan National Perpignan National Barcelona National Barcelona

4,205b. 2,605b. 2,407b. 2,601b.

Is a son out the coupling “Barcelona King” x “Lenina” “Barcelona King” X766-95-436 – original Kipp en zoon Won: 1 18 323

International Barcelona National Barcelona International Barcelona

24,139b. 3,375b. 24,908b.

Is grandfather of: 3

National Marseille


“Lenina” 05098-92-6459 Won


S-National Sébastian


National Marseille International Marseille

6,747b. 15,584b.

Is mother of: 2 12

“La Petite Marseille” DV04900-97-728 – original Kipp and son Superb marathon hen ! Won

1 1 3 17 19 32 39

National Marseille Barcelona International Barcelona Montélimar International Dax National Barcelona National Dax

6,466b. 1,048b. 16,784b. 1,247b. 1,683 hens 3,511b. 3,133b.

42 153 457

International Dax International Barcelona International Barcelona

10,511b. 6,419b. 28,095b.

Is mother and grandmother of: 3 4 5 6

National Bordeaux National Bordeaux International Bordeaux International Bordeaux

1,132b. 1,436b. 9,001b. 7,334b.