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Extra information “Son Idor” B09-4339130 – original Chris Hebberecht High class cock out the coupling “Idor” x “Blauw 63” “Idor” B08-4130476 – original Chris Hebberecht Won: 46 79 83

National Tulle National Souillac National Montauban

6,695b. 7,597b. 9,091b.

Is a grandson of “Pancho” x “Sister Champion” “Pancho” B99-4262210 – original Chris Hebberecht Won: 1 2 1 2

Provincial ace Fond KBDB 2004 National ace Fond KBDB 2004 Provincial Brive 3,226b. National Beziers 5,886b.

Is grandfather of top birds such as: “Jempy”, father of national ace “Ike” “Ike” (B08-4351119) 1 1 6 11 45 46

National ace KBDB Fond 2010 Provincial ace KBDB Fond ‘010 National Souillac 7,045b. National Limoges 10,448b. National Brive 16,815b. National Cahors 8,651b.

“Home Alone”: 1 prize Final One Loft Race Thailand 2008 “Spy”: 2nd prize Final race One Million Dollar 2009 (Vandenabeele) “Vip”: 5 10 17

National Montauban International Tarbes National Montauban

6,809b. 12,849b. 9,091b.


7 5 82

Provincial ace Fond KBDB ‘ 10 National Tulle 6,695b. National Limoges 10,448b.



National Tulle



46 79 83

National Tulle National Souillac National Montauban

6,695b. 7,597b. 9,091b.

“Sister Champion” B02-4064532 – original Chris Hebberecht Full sister of “Champion” “Champion” won 1 2 7 8 50 60 80

Provincial ace Fond KBDB 2005 National ace Fond KBDB 2005 National Cahors 9,275b. National Souillac 8,327b. National Souillac 5,985b. National Limoges 12,266b. National Brive 7,446b.

“Champion” is father of: “Jamar” 5 2 63 121 131 136

prov. ace Fond KBDB 2009 National Cahors 8,651b. National Montauban 7,203b. National Brive 17,456b. National Souillac 7,045b. National Souillac 7,597b.

33 35 57 63

Provincial Tulle Provincial Vierzon Provincial Limoges National Narbonne

“Ibis” 1,281b. 922b. 4,489b. 6,330b.

“Klein Donker” 1

Prize Hot Spot Race Thailand

“Zwarten” 40

National Libourne

“Blauw 63” B04-4217163 – original Chris Hebberecht Is a daughter of “Limogeke” “Limogeke” B95-4381817 Won


Is a granddaughter of “Bjorn”

National Limoges




“Bjorn� B90-4349551 Won: 5 81

National Narbonne National Narbonne

5,006b. 5,929b.