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Extra informatie: “Son Big Surprise” NL12-1076722 – original Gerard Koopman Comes out the coupling “Big Surprise” x “Daughter Alroy” “Big Surprise” NL08-4756322 – original Gerard Koopman Won

2 3 33 45 159

Blois Duffel Boxtel Pithiviers Arras

1,956b. 12,744b. 17,075b. 7,906b. 20,063b.

Comes out the coupling “De Blois” x “Zina” “De Blois” NL04-1919872 – original Leo Janzen Won: 1 2

NPO Blois Bourges

5,971b. 1,453b.

“Zina” NL06-2597157 – original Koopman Won: 2 2 9 21 45 64

National ace One Day Fond 2007 Chantilly 13,008b. Orleans 9,670b. Blois 5,277b. Arras 8,314b. Boxtel 11,222b.

Is a half-sister of “Magic Man” “Magic Man” won

1 National Le Mans 3 National Le Mans

15,252b. 99,104b.

Comes out the coupling “Deng Lin’s Favourite” x “Annelies” “Deng Lin’s Favourite” NL03-5343024 1



“Annelies” NL99-5971341 – original Koopman Full sister of “Kleine Dirk” Won: 1 2 3 5 8

Chimay Troyes Rethel Hasselt Hasselt

10,000b. 13,137b. 1,318b. 4,052b. 2,668b.

Is mother of : “Magic Man”

1 National Le Mans 15,252b. 3 National Le Mans 99,104b.


2 Nat. NPO Chantilly 13,008b. 9 Nat. NPO Orleans 9,670b. 21 Nat. NPO Blois 5,277b.

Is grandmother of: “Zahra” : 3 Nat. ace Fondspiegel 2008 “Day Dream”: 1 Nat. NPO Ablis 8,519b. “820-04”: 9 Nat. NPO Ablis 10,171b. “524-05”: 3 Nat. NPO Orleans 8,626b. “Daughter Alroy” NL08-2049290 – original Koopman Daughter of “Alroy” x “Cools 658” “Alroy” NL02-1492681 – original Leo Janzen Won: 3rd Ace one-day Fond ’05 – ’06 national – Fondspiegel 1 2 2 5 13

Tours Strombeek Chateauroux Tours Blois

915b. 4,165b. 733b. 1,569b. 5,971b.

“Cools 658” B05-3176658 – original Rik Cools Daughter out “Witneus Bliksem” x “Fryda” (sister of “Aske”)

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