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Extra information “Fast Walter” B12-2064098 – original Walter Lambeets Making top results on the short distance and national races…this is not for every bird but “Fast Walter” owns these qualities. Won as a young bird: 2 5 8

Momignies Momignies Momignies

982b. 626b. 361b.


26 457

National Gueret National Bourges

17,007b. 33,524b.

578km 467km

Is a full brother of “B11-2082532” “B11-2082532” won

7th National Argenton 20,383 young birds

Is a son out the coupling “ B09-2056179” x “B07-2053382” “B09-2056179” – “Inteelt Stamvader” Is a son out of a half-brother x half-sister coupling namely “B06-2085307” x “Pluimpootje” “B06-2085307” : father 1st National (z) Gueret 2008 Is a son of “Goede Jaarman” (B00-2369933) x “B99-2091369” “B99-2091369” won

3 4

Sens Sens

1,142b. 1,098b.

“Pluimpootje” B08-2012300 – original Jef Van Winkel Daughter of “Goede Jaarman” x “Pluimpoterke” “Pluimpoterke” B02-2186616 Olympiad bird Porto 2005 “B07-2053382” – original Marc Rans Granddaughter “Olympic 15” “Olympic 15” won, without doubles 2nd Olympiad bird Porto 2005 1 1 1

Soissons Soissons Chateauroux

297b. 454b. 144b.

1 1 2 2 2 12 14

Argenton Toury Argenton Toury Toury Argenton Chateauroux

5,091b. 431b. 4,340b. 392b. 121b. 4,047b. 8,538b.