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Extra information “Pietje” NL09-3918853 – raced by Hoefnagels-Beens Excellent performing cock with following impressive result list: 1 4 26 35 127 139 179 297 531 567

La Souterraine National NPO La Souterraine Sens Pithiviers Morlincourt Argenton Pommeroeul Chateauroux Argenton Pommeroeul

1,444b. 6,241b. 1,170b. 1,911b. 7,113b. 7,638b. 3,989b. 8,202b. 6,931b. 6,689b.

638km 387km 418km 253km 601km 143km 583km 601km 143km

Is a son out the coupling “”Colin” x “Old Emma” “Colin” NL03-1296822 – original C. Holster Is a grandson of “NL01-5154274” “NL01-5154274” won 4 x 1st prize Is a grandson of “Hannibal” – owned by Peter Fox “Hannibal” B01-6525629 – original Dirk Van Dyck Is a son of the world famous “Kannibaal” (B95-6246005) Is father of: 1st ace young birds “Union De Baronie” 2005 1 Morlincourt 8,095b. 4 Pommeroeuil 6,401b. 16 Nationaal NPO Orleans 6,796b. 25 Creil 27,056b. Is grandfather of: 1

Welsh S.E. Nat. Maidstone (1st Combine 15,000b.)


1 1 1 1 2

Rivenhall Wincanston Kelso Kingsdown Folkstone

7,132b. 1,672b. 9,151b. 1,473b. 17,762b.

Is a grandson of “Genie” “Genie” GB05-T-29737 – original Peter Fox Daughter out “Drum” (Marijke Vink) x “Gerrie” (Gerard Koopman) “Old Emma” NL96-2641775 – original J. de Keizer Won 6 x 1st prize Became a very good breeding hen strain: Thei Hartogs x H. Lugters