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Extra information “Grandson Miss Joice” B12-4077234 – original Marcel Aelbrecht Superb cock born out the coupling “Double grandson Bak 17” x “Daughter Miss Joice” “Double grandson Bak 17” B08-4356966 – original Marcel Aelbrecht Born out brother x sister coupling “B08-4133232” (son “Bak 17”) x “B08-4133233” (daughter “Bak 17”). Famous children of “Bak 17” are: “942-04” Won:

15 national Limoges 17,456b. 48 national Bourges 48,553b. 81 national La Souterraine 16,297b.

“943-04” Won:

20 national Bourges 11,933b. 24 national Aurillac 6,611b. 93 national La Souterraine 16,297b. 101 national Montélimar 7,873b. 138 national Souillac 6,475b.

“530-06” Won:

14 national Gueret 10,670b.

“Son 753” Verbesselt and grandfather of 2 prize final race One Million Euro Race “Spring Race” China 2010 10 prize final “Grand Pigeon Race Thailand” 2009 39 prize final “Grand Pigeon Race Thailand” 2010 “Son 754” Verbesselt and grandfather of “Il Ragno” “Il Ragno” won 1 national ace Fond FCI 2011 1 Best of the Best magazine 2011 1 Italian Ace 2011 1 Interprov. Molfette 3,372b. 1 Interprov. Otranto 1,718b.

4 Interprov. Brindisi 3,403b. 4 Interprov. Lecca 2,048b. “Cock Bak 17” B02-4333378 is born out of the coupling “Lucky 848” x “Daughter Den Dromer” “Lucky 848” B00-4065848 Born out of son x granddaughter “Albert” x “Paola” Is father of: Cock “Bak 17” – Marcel Aelbrecht “Blue Ace” (Erik Limbourg) “Blue Ace” won 2 national ace Fond KBDB 2007 1 provincial ace Fond KBDB 2007 1 ace Brabantse Unie 2004 and 2007 7 x Top 100 National Races 50 national Beziers 6,191b. 12 national zone Cahors 2,033b. 15 Souillac 1,475b. 27 Cahors 2,114b. 45 Orange 2,861b. 67 Brive 5,215b. Is grandfather of: “Bolleke Watten” – Erik Limbourg Won: 4 provincial ace KBDB Allround 2008 38 national Limoges 16,012b. 69 national zone Bourges 6,504b. 73 national Cahors 7,347b. “Nicole”: 1 national Argenton young birds 2008 “Josephine”: 1 national La Souterraine 16,576b. – 154 national Argenton 20,383b. (by Verreckt-Ariën – bred by Jupid Jung) “Blue Erika” – Raf Den Haese Breeder of winners 1 national Argenton 10,962b. 1 national La Souterraine 4,460b.

“Balaton Queen”: 1 prize final race Delta One Loft Race Hungary Is a full brother of : “Fijn Blauw”: Together with “Marseille” one of the base couples by Marcel Aelbrecht “Smallen 970” is father of: “Patron”: 1 national ace Fond KBDB 2003 “049-01”: 5 national zone Beziers 21 national Marseille 5,861b. 68 national Perpignan 7,611b. “924-04”: 7 national ace Fond KBDB 2006 “077-03”: 51 national Orange 6,751b. 91 national Montélimar 10,195b. “517-96”: father of 7 national ace Fond KBDB 1999 “Smallen Jules”: father of 7 national ace Fond KBDB 2003 “Bak 10” Aelbrecht – father of “Goede Blauwen” “Goede Blauwen” won 1 Bourges 1,069b. 10 national Aurrilac 6,611b. 40 national Souillac “Daughter Den Dromer” B01-4489665 – De Rauw-Sablon “Den Dromer” B99-4393519 – De Rauw-Sablon Won: 15 interprovincial Argenton 7,452b. 73 interprovincial Chateauroux 6,832b. 84 national Bourges 12,161d. 93 provincial Bourges 3,575d. Is grandfather of: Cock “Bak 17” by Marcel Aelbrecht

“Miss Maniwan”: 1 national St. Vincent 25,870b. (Koopman) “Good Aim”: 3 prize Sun City Million Dollar 2009 “Cornelis”: 1 national Limoges 2,024b. 2 national ace KBDB Fond 2007 – Limbourg “Mother Bak 17” B99-4365061 – original Aelbrecht Marcel Comes out the coupling “De Ijzeren” x “Zus Crack” “Den Ijzeren” B93-4392044 – De Rauw-Sablon Is father of 1st national Perpignan 1998 by Marcel Aelbrecht “Sister Crack” B94-4438205 – original Marcel Aelbrecht Full sister of “Crack 066” “Crack 066” won: 3 provincial asduif Fond KBDB 1996 7 provincial asduif Fond KBDB 1995 7 national Cahors 8,569b. 96 national Limoges 8,362b. 107 national Brive 21,390b. 245 national Brive 23,475b. Out of the breeding line of “Crack 066” several top birds were born for example “Eagle Eye” (Erik Limbourg).

“Daughter Miss Joice” B11-4024598 – original Andre Verbesselt Born out “Son Bak 17” x “Miss Joice” “Son Bak 17” B11-4024598 – original Marcel Aelbrecht All information about “Bak 17” see above “Miss Joice” B05-4130439 – 100% Marcel Aelbrecht Was by Andre Verbesselt the hen whose grandchildren and great grandchildren performed very well on the international one-loftraces. Is grandmother of:

“Miss Arwen”: 8th prize final race Shangai One Million Euro Race 2008. “Miss Long”: 12th prize final race Grand Pigeon Race Thailand 2009 “Miss Celine”: 45th prize final race Shangai One Million Euro Race 2008. Is great grandmother of: “Soubalon”: 2nd prize final race Million Euro Spring Race 2010 “Miss May”: 10th prize final race Grand Pigeon Race Thailand 2009 26t provincial Argenton 3,395b. by Jef Van Winkel Is a daughter out the coupling “Brother Smallen” x “Daughter Perpignan” “Brother Smallen” B96-4391970 – original Marcel Aelbrecht Super breeder – is father of: “Patron”: 1st National ace Fond KBDB ‘03 “934-04”: 7th National ace Fond KBDB ‘06 “077-03”: 51st Nat. Orange – 91st Nat. Montélimar “049-01”: 2nd prov. Marseille and 5th Nat. Beziers Is a full brother of top breeder “Lucky 848” “Lucky 848”: all information see above “Dochter Perpignan” B04-4019957 – original Aelbrecht Won: 19 provincial Argenton 6,269b. 59 provincial La Souterraine 3,938b. Is a daughter of “De Perpignan” “De Perpignan” won 1 National (z) Cahors 1 Vierzon 19 Nat. Perpignan

3,476b. 1,395b. 5,852b.

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