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Extra information “05 Inbred Barcelona Rambo” B12-4308305 – original Van Ceulenbroeck Daniel Pure Barcelona blood ! Superb hen out of the coupling “Son Barcelona Rambo” x “Daughter Barcelona Rambo” “Son Barcelona Rambo” B04-2302921 – Herbots Gebroeders Born out the coupling “Barcelona Rambo” x “Blauwe Herbots” “Barcelona Rambo” NL00-2427013 – original Vrösch-Meijers Won: 1 112 125

International Barcelona ’04 National Bourges National Bordeaux

24,914b. 6,989b. 10,209b.

Is father of “Wondere 30” “Wondere 30” won 4th Best Barcelona bird Europa 2008 6 National Perpignan ’06 118 National Barcelona ’07 183 National Perpignan ’05 302 National Bordeaux ’02 380 National Barcelona ’06 634 National Barcelona ’04 808 National Barcelona ’05 852 National Barcelona ’08

4,719b. 7,520b. 6,300b. 7,459b. 6,777b. 7,875b. 7,491b. 7,043b.

Is a grandson of “Rambo Barcelona” NL94-2719115 Won: 97 159 173 394 550

National Barcelona ’01 National Barcelona ’02 National Barcelona ’97 National Barcelona ’98 National Barcelona ’99

7,567b. 8,713b. 7,047b. 6,292b. 8,140b.

Born out of the famous strain Carteus (line “Limoges”) x “Batenburg (line “Wittenbuik”) x Seegmüller (line 1st International Pau). “Blauwe Herbots” NL02-5204446 – daughter out “Sister Number 1” “Number 1” won: 1st National ace middle distance KBDB 1999 “Daughter Barcelona Rambo” B05-2267864 – Herbots Gebroeders Daughter of “Barcelona Rambo” x “292-Herbots”

“Barcelona Rambo” NL00-2427013: 1st International Barcelona All information see above “292-Herbots” B96-2167292 – original Herbots Gebroeders Is a grandson of “King” “King” : 2nd National ace middle distance KBDB Is a granddaughter of “Bourges man” “Bourges man” won

8 National Bourges 17 National Bourges

39,026b. 17,781b.