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Extra information “Daughter Mike” B12-4310483 – original Chris Hebberecht Superb offer of a high class hen Comes out the coupling “Mike” x “Mother Jaws” “Mike” B11-4312610 – original Chris Hebberecht Full brother of national ace “Ike” “Ike” (B08-4351119) 1 1 6 11 45 46

National ace KBDB Fond 2010 Provincial ace KBDB Fond ‘010 National Souillac 7.045d. National Limoges 10.448d. National Brive 16.815d. National Cahors 8.651d.

Is a grandson of “Champion” “Champion” won 2nd National ace Fond KBDB 2005 Is a son of “Jempy” x “Sister Jamar” “Jempy” B07-4373192 – original Chris Hebberecht Is a full brother of “Hebberecht 941” “Hebberecht 941” is a top breeder by Gerard Koopman Is mother of: “Abelle”:

2 NPO Chantilly 12,742b. 5 NPO Ablis 10,725b. 17 NPO Orleans9,670b.


3 NPO Blois


1st ace young birds 2011


1 Boxtel 1 Ravenstein 4 NPO Ablis 19 St. Truiden


9,525b. 510b. 10,725b. 10,145b.

Is a half-brother of “Champion” “Champion” won

1 2

Provincial ace Fond KBDB 2005 National ace Fond KBDB 2005

“Mother Jaws” B04-4217179 – original Hebberecht Chris Is mother of “Jaws” “Jaws” B07-4081813 – original Chris Hebberecht Won: 1 2 3 8 26 32 58 83

National ace Master Award VL Provincial ace KBDB Fond National ace Fond KBDB 2010 National Brive National Cahors National Souillac National Limoges National Limoges

17,456b. 8,651b. 7,039b. 10,448b. 16,012b.

Is a daughter of “Krommen” “Krommen” won


National Cahors


Is a granddaughter of “Prinseske” “Prinseske” won

33 1

National La Souterraine Orleans

11,859b. 155b.

5 81

National Narbonne National Narbonne

5,006b. 5,929b.

Is a granddaughter of “Bjorn” “Bjorn” won

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