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Extra information: “Daughter Super National Marseille” B12-4286741 – original Etienne Meirlaen Superb daughter out the coupling “Super National Marseille” x “Daughter Luka” “Super National Marseille” B05-4344721 – original Etienne Meirlaen Super on the very long distance races ! Won

1 47 71 82 93 119 119 367 483 498 1,323 1,404

Olympiad Continental Cup Budapest 2012 (cat. E) National Tarbes 4,576b. National Tarbes 4,818b. National Orange 4,587b. International Tarbes 15,035b. National Montauban 6,654b. National Narbonne 6,801b. National Montauban 9,091b. National Narbonne 7,156b. National Perpignan 6,257b. National Montélimar 8,634b. National Montélimar 8,232b.

Is father of: “Bonatar”

23 27 74 84 343 359 682 751 781 1554

National Narbonne International Narbonne Provincial Tarbes Provincial Bourges National Bourges National Tarbes National Perpignan International Tarbes National Montauban National Limoges

6,330b. 13,335b. 883b. 2,453b. 16,771b. 4,812b. 6,661b. 12,849b. 9,091b. 19,373b.

1 3 21

Provincial Bourges National Bourges Provincial

1,877b. 16,859b. 2,609b.

Is grandfather of: “Merlot”

Is a son of “De Marseille” x “B03-4364177” “De Marseille” B01-4056720 – original Etienne Meirlaen Won: 21 46 72

National Carcasonne National Marseille National Marseille

3,911b. 4,398b. 5,738b.

Became base breeder of the loft Meirlaen Is a brother of “370-07” “370-07” won: 9 63

International Narbonne International Bordeaux

14,457b. 10,622b.

Is a brother of “Beauty Marseille” “Beauty Marseille” won: 41

National Montauban

Is a half-brother of “Monar” “Monar” won: 1 2 2 13 52

International Narbonne 13,779b. National ace Cat E Europa cup Dortmund Olympiad Continental Cup Budapest Cat. E International Narbonne 13,355b. National Montauban 9,091b.

Is a half-brother of “Montali” “Montali” won: 4 12

National Montauban National Montauban

9,091b. 6,654b.

“B03-4364177” – original Etienne Meirlaen Is a full sister of “Barcelona Boy 133” “Barcelona Boy 133” won: 211 342 466 779 932

National Barcelona National Perpignan International Barcelona International Perpignan National Barcelona

13,503b. 6,765b. 27,669b. 14,812b. 11,641b.

Is a granddaughter of “Don John” – Cor de Heijde “Don John” won


National Dax


Is a granddaughter of “Monique” – Cor de Heijde “Monique” won


National Perpignan 5,479b.

“Daughter Luka” B07-4380216 – original Etienne Meirlaen Superb duaghter of “Luka” x “B00-5249102” “Luka” B02-4459582 – original Etienne Meirlaen Won: 30 230 450

National Biaritz National Barcelona National Barcelona

2,343b. 12,612b. 12,998b.

Is a brother of: “283 Brother Luka” won 92 209 308 571

National Tarbes National Perpignan National Narbonne National Montauban

4,812b. 7,384b. 6,330b. 6,654b.

“Broer Luka” won 42

National Limoges


National St. Vincent


“218/06” won 293 Is father of: “Daughter Luka”: 20 116 129 187 556

National St Vincent National Perpignan ‘05 National Perpignan ‘07 National Perpignan ‘08 National Perpignan ’06

10,020b. 3,796b. 5,547b. 7,603b. 6,765b.

“Queen of Maintain”: 9 47 87 106 114 192 735 1306

International Marseille National Marseille International Marseille International Pau National Orange National Pau National Perpignan International Perpignan

1,951 hens 3,340b. 10,333d. 2,122 hens 5,237b. 2,279b. 7,364b. 18,354b.

Is born out the cross Cor de Heijde (Line “De Klamper”) x Vermote x Florizoone.

“B00-5249102” – original Gubbelmans – strain Theelen

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