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Extra information “The Packman” NL07-1207810 – original Gerard Koopman Gerard Koopman tells

auction Pigeon Bids and therefore I decided together with my team to brothers survived every year our severe selection and the only reason why we bring these birds into auction is that we will not concentrate ourselves

fanciers who races the very long distance. I wish the new owners a lot of succe Superb son out the coupling “Mr. Vagebond” x “Miss Maniwan” “Mr. Vagebond” NL01-0175799 – original Hermans-Hoekstra Is father of “Miss Jaidi” “Miss Jaidi” won


National St. Vincent


Born out the coupling “Son Barcelona duif” x “Briljantje” “Son Barcelona duif” NL96-2434448 – original Cor de Heijde “Briljante” NL94-2781499 – original Cor de Heijde Daughter of base bird “De Klamper” (pure Jan Aarden) “Miss Maniwan” NL05-1936650 – original Gerard Koopman Won: 1 963 1136

National St. Vincent Ablis Pommeroeul

25,807b. 10,171b. 11,716b.

Daughter out the coupling “Milko” x “Miss Nelie” “Milko” NL04-1389353 – original Gerard Koopman Son of “Den Dromer” x “Miss Waalre” “Den Dromer” B99-4393519 – De Rauw-Sablon Won: 15 interprovincial Argenton 7,452b. 73 interprovincial Chateauroux 6,832b. 84 national Bourges 12,161b. 93 provincial Bourges 3,575b.

Is grandfather of: Cock of famous “Bak 17” by Marcel Aelbrecht “Miss Maniwan”: 1 national St. Vincent 25,870b. Koopman) “Good Aim”: 3 prize Sun City Million Dollar 2009 “Cornelis”: 1 national Limoges 2,024b. “Blue Ace”: 2 national ace KBDB Fond 2007 – Limbourg. “Miss Waalre” NL00-1211188 – original Koopman “Miss Waalre” won: 1 ace marathon “The best of the best” ‘04 1 national St. Vincent 1,334b. fastest of 15,122b. 1 national Ruffec 1,834b. fastest of 3,963b. 12 Bergerac 3,232b. “Miss Nellie” NL03-0371436 – original Hermans-Hoekstra Mother of “Miss Maniwan”: 1 National St Vincent 25,807b.

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