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Extra information “Black 54” B12-5163354 – original Louis Bellen Full brother of national Bourges winner “B11-5007170”. “B11-5007170” – original Louis Bellen Won : 1 1 1

Provincial Bourges (469km) National (z) Bourges National Bourges

3,460b. – 1,136.80 m/m 10,028b. 31,719b.

Comes out the coupling “B10-5160513” x “B10-5160509” “B10-5160513” – original Louis Bellen Father of 1 National Bourges 31,719 b. Is a grandson of base bird “B07-5097168” “B07-5097168” – original Bellen Louis - strain Janssen: Won: 2 3 6 11 43 43 100

Provincial Gien Provincial Chateauroux Provincial Chateauroux Provincial Vichy S-National Montluçon S-National Vicht S-National Chateauroux

3,131b. 3,130b. 2,424b. 796b. 7,516b. 3,821b. 10,198b.

Is grandfather of: “B10-5160775”: 51 National La Chatre ‘011


“B10-5160776”: 59 National Bourges ‘011


Is great grandfather of: “B11-5007170”: 1 National Bourges 31,719b. “B10-5160509” – original Bellen Louis Won: 57 Salbris 4,022b. Mother of 1 National Bourges 31,719 b.

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