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Extra information: “Daughter Kai-Mook” B12-5060873 – original Guido Loockx Unique offer ! Daughter out the superb coupling “Zitter” x “Kai-Mook” “Zitter” B05-5124148 – original Loockx Guido High class cock ! Is a full brother of “Prinses” “Prinses” won 1 1 Won: 1 2 3 7 10 58 62 76

National Bourges Montluçon

Ace S-National C. & O. Pithiviers Chateauroux Chateauroux Soissons Montluçon Argenton Argenton

14,207b. 446b.

453b. 8,216b. 1,739b. 595b. 4,028b. 2,527b. 2,662b.

Is a grandson of “Pantani” “Pantani” B96-6038445 Won: Olympiad bird Blackpool 1999 5 National ace KBDB ½ fond ‘98 5 Worldchampion V.L. ‘98 1 1 1 1

National Bourges II Provincial Bourges I Iprov. Chateauroux Soissons

10,872b. 2,936b. 1,432b. 409b.

“Kai-Mook” B08-5002089 – original Guido Loockx Won: 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3

Belgian Olympiad bird middle distance Poznan 2011 National ace year birds LCB National ace middle distance LCB Ace “As der Azen” LCB Provincial Bourges Gien Provincial Gien Provincial Chateauroux

2,181b. 673b. 3,528b. 2,018b.

3 4 5 10 18 19 40 40 51

National (z) Chateauroux Provincial Gien Pithiviers Melun National Argenton Provincial Bourges S-National Montluçon Provincial Chateauroux Provincial Gien II

5,993b. 2,026b. 1,017b. 1,128b. 21,092b. 2,804b. 9,350b. 2,938b. 4,677b.

Is mother of “Son Kai-Mook” “Son Kai-Mook” B11-5035159 won: 5 10 42 60 96

Laon Momignies National (z) Argenton Provincial Gien Provincial Gien

2,491b. 597b. 6,099b. 3,515b. 2,185b.

Is a daughter of “Father Kai-Mook” x “Mother Kai-Mook” “Father Kai-Mook” B03-2244352 Son of “Brother Rambo” (Dirk Van Dyck) “Rambo” is father of world famous “De Kannibaal” “Mother Kai-Mook” B05-5124340 Is a daughter of “Lichte Pantani” “Lichte Pantani” B97-6129404 Won

2 5 11 25

Provincial Argenton Provincial Argenton Provincial Chateauroux Provincial Chateauroux

2,672b. 2,955b. 4,579b. 2,595b.

Is a daughter of “Prinses” “Prinses” B03-5062953 1 1

National Bourges Montluçon

14,207b. 446b.

Is a granddaughter of Olympiad bird and base breeder “Pantani” “Pantani” B96-6038445 : all information see above

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