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Extra information: “Merwe Power” NL07-5727250 – original Peter van de Merwe Son out the coupling “Bauer” x “Miss Magic” “Bauer” NL02-1643772 – original Peter van de Merwe won: 1st National middle distance bird West European Country Cup 2004 1st ace fond Drechtsteden 2003 4th National ace jaarlingen Best of the Best 2003 7th National ace middle distance NPO 2003 1st Chantilly 1,320 b. 3rd Chantilly 5,087 b. 3rd Duffel 4,714 b. 4th Bourges 2,032 b. 10th Niergnies 3,865 b. 15th Nat. NPO Bourges 9,399 b. 16th Ablis 3,090 b. 16th Chateauroux 882 b. Is father of : 1st Harchies 3,029 b. 1st Peronne 2,496 b. 2nd Prov Sezanne 1,529 b. 6th Strombeek 4,208 b. 8th Peronne 2,914 b. 9th Hensies 3,367 b. 10th Creil 6,048 b. 13th Nat. NPO Chantilly 30,074 b. 14th Provincial Peronne 44,240 b. Is grandfather of: 1st National NPO Ablis 15,871 b. 2nd National NPO Sezanne 21,720 b. “Miss Magic” NL05-1400992 – original Peter van de Merwe Won: 1 Provincial Chantilly 1 Provincial Chantilly Fastest of 43,207b. 9 18

Peronne Creil

9th National ace NPO 2006 Is mother of 1st Pommeroeul 2,129b. Is a daughter of “Lorenzo”

22,571b. 13,133b.

2,914b. 2,021b.

“Lorenzo” NL97-5738357 – original van de Merwe Peter Won

1 1 7 12 24

Chantilly Ablis Peronne Creil Niergnies

2,890b. 2,443b. 4,069b. 3,971b. 3,377b.

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