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Extra information “55-Veenstra” NL06-1569855 – original Pieter Veenstra Comes out the coupling “NL05-5535901” x “NL05-5535828” “NL05-5535901” – original Gerard Koopman Won: 17 37 47

Boxtel Duffel Meer

25,331b. 15,489b. 21,526b.

Comes out the coupling “Dirky” x “Daughter Terminator” “Dirky” NL99-1585505 – origiael Gerard Koopman Is father of: “Da Vinci”:

1 2

NPO Ablis Menen

7,946b. 16,753b.


4 18

NPO Orleans NPO Creil

7,199b. 11,289b.

“Iron Lady”










NPO Le Mans 9,506b.

Is a son of world famous “Kleine Dirk” – Gerard Koopman “Kleine Dirk” NL98-5821416 – original Gerard Koopman Won: 1 national ace 1999 5 World champion young birds 1999 1 NPO Troyes 17,833b. 1 NPO Bourges 7,155b. 1 Maaseik 3,522b. 1 Troyes 2,423b. “Daughter Terminator” NL99-1498716 “Terminator” NL95-1719062 Won: 1 ace Fond National competition WHZB “NL05-5535828” – original Pieter Veenstra Won

6 11 19

NPO Blois Meer NPO Offenburg

5,805b. 21,526b. 9,731b.

Daughter out the coupling “Mister Surhuizum” x “NL97-5700643” “Mister Surhuizum” NL99-1585526 – original Veenstra Super breeder by Veenstra Father of:

12 National NPO St. Ghislain 13 National NPO st 1 best cock of The Netherlands.

20,668b. 3,110b.

Is a brother of “Mister Ermerveen” – Gerard Koopman “NL97-5700643” – original A. Van Der Veen Mother of

“Dirk”: “Endurance” “Saviola”

1 against 9,818b. 4 National NPO 3 x 1 ebest cock national competition WHZB

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