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Extra information “Daughter 907 van Amoré’s Dirk” NL08-1702558 – original Cor Leijtens Superb daughter from “907 Amoré ’s Dirk” x “Jacky Blue” “907 Amoré ’s Dirk” NL04-4155907 – original Cor Leijtens Won: Best cock national competition “Wie Heeft Ze Beter” 2007 3 Strepy 1,496b. 3 Harchies 711b. 6 La Souterraine 808b. 8 Etampes 1,482b. 9 Vervins 905b. 9 Blois 704b. 10 Chimay 2,036b. 12 Peronne 3,741b. 13 Laon 2,445b. 18 Epehy 823b. 28 Houdeng 2,758b. Is a son out the coupling “Amoré ’s Dirk” x “NL98-1436324” “Amoré’s Dirk” NL02-2173502 – original Gerard Koopman Top breeder ! Father of

“907 van Amoré’s Dirk”: all information see above “Blois II: 1

National R3 Blois

“Super van Amoré’s Dirk”:


1 Epehy 1,096b. 7 x top 10

Is a son of “Kleine Dirk” x “Amoré” “Kleine Dirk” NL98-5821416 – original Gerard Koopman Won: 1st national ace 1999 5th World champion young birds 1999 1st NPO Troyes 17,833b. 1st NPO Bourges 7,155b. 1st Maaseik 3,522b. 1st Troyes 2,423b. Famous children of “Kleine Dirk” are: “Geralda”: base breeding hen by Combinatie Verbree “Dirky”: base cock by Pieter Veenstra

“Aladin”: base breeder by Marijke Vink “Charley”: super breeder by Marcel Sangers “Amorés Dirk” : top breeder by Cor Leytens, father of 1st NPO winner and 1st National ace “Dirkje”: topbreeder by Jan Hooymans – mother super crack “Harry” “Wondere Dirk”: top breeder by Anton Ruitenberg “Wonder Van Haacht”: father/grandfather of 40 different 1st prize winners by Horst en Frank Sander. “NL98-1436324” – original Cor Leijtens Won

2 3 5 5 7 14

Houdeng St. Ghislain St. Ghislain Peronne Houdeng Houdeng

1,120b. 1,941b. 2,067b. 1,416b. 2,574b. 1,419b.

strain: “De Klak” x Leijtens “Jacky Blue” NL05-4004811 – original Cor Leijtens A real top bird ! Won: 1 1 2 3 4 10 18 20 21 33 34 39 65

Nationaal R3 Blois NPO afdeling 3 Creil Strepy Isnes Morlincourt Haasrode Haasrode Vervins Haasrode Chimay Chateauroux Chantilly

4,187b. 6,451b. 2,257b. 976b. 1,332b. 1,523b. 3,686b. 1,461b. 2,858b. 2,858b. 3,942b. 967b. 3.022b.

Is a daughter of “Blauwe Jack” x “De Mooie” “Blauwe Jack” NL97-2005600 – original Brouwers-Kodama

“De Mooie” NL02-4145135 – original Leijtens Won: 1 1 1 6 7

Vervins Vervins St. Ghislain St. Ghislain Laon

4,438b. 1,784b. 1,543b. 1,765b. 1,276b.