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Extra information “Marlene” NL05-2188850 – original M. en C. Van Koppen Superb performing hen ! Won: 1 Ace young birds 2005 in Rijnmond 2000 13 x 1/10 (in 2 racing seasons, without doubles) 3 3 7 7 19 21

Strombeek Ablis Peronne Pont Gent Harchies

1,633b. 1,253b. 2,111b. 1,762b. 2,700b. 1,005b.

Is a daughter out the coupling “Son 540” x “Minou” “Son 540” – NL01-1749476 – original Marian Van Koppen Is father of Is grandfather of

2 provincial Pont 35,126b. 2 provincial Morlincourt 22,088b.

Is a grandson of “Real King” x “Blue Queen” “Minou” – NL03-1142997 – original A.L. de Bruyn Comes out “Brother Jody” x “Natelie” “Brother Jody” NL01-1749499 – 1 Ablis 11,432b.

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