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Extra information “Grandson Branco” DV09711-05-1095 – original Meier Heinz Proven breeder ! Is father of

1 1 3 8 9

against against against against against

3,032b. (440km) 1,178b. (520km) 2,889b. (520km) 2,346b. (412km) 2,198b. (398km)

Comes out the coupling “179-Son Branco” x “Tochter Scherpe” “179-Son Branco” NL00-1211179 – original Gerard Koopman Is a son of “Branco” x “Judy” “Branco” NL94-2227820 – original Gerard Koopman Won: 1 2 2 3 4 5 5

Boxtel Lorris Aerschot Mettet Lommel Etampes Troyes

391b. 1,230b. 3,763b. 1,829b. 2,023b. 5,096b. 2,342b.

Olympiad bird Bazel Is a son of “Ons Louis” x “Zuster Eric” “Judy” NL98-5821399 – original Gerard Koopman Is a full sister of “Kleine Dirk” Won: 1 1 1 1 5

National ace 1999 National NPO Troyes 17,833b. National NPO Bourges 7,155b. Maaseik 3,522b. World champion young birds V.L.

Became a worldbreeder ! “Tochter Scherpe” DV09711-04-983 – original Heinz Meier Is a daughter of “Scherpe” B97-6270206 – original Louis Van Loon (Poppel) Is a daugher of “Goldstück”

“Goldstück” is a daughter of “Clyde” x “Daughter Bonny x Clyde” – Clement Robben.