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Extra information “Half-brother Gladiator” B04-6468679 – original Geerinckx Luc, Bart and Jurgen Proven breeder is father of: 1 1 2 2 4 4 5

against against against against against against against

3.104d. 743d. 2.111d. 1.587d. 891d. 1.277d. 546d.

Is a half-brother of the famous “Gladiator” “Gladiator” won

Olympiad bird Porto 2005 co-winner national championship year birds 2004 3rd National ace KBDB 2004 1 Toury 837b. 1 Dourdan 562b. 1 Noyon 149b. 2 Dourdan 1,241b. 2 Melun 997b. 2 Dourdan 455b. 2 Noyon 249b. 3 Noyon 644b. 3 Melun 394b. 4 Noyon 545b. 5 Noyon 498b. 7 Toury 1,031b.

Is father of: “Miss Blois”:

1 5

Provincial Blois Chateauroux

1,112b. 3,391b.

“Best Son”:

1 67 13

Bourges National Bourges National Argenton

480b. 16,771b. 6,177b.

National Bourges Blois Dourdan

16,859b. 1,108b. 2,298b.

“Best Daughter” 17 10 31 “Blauw Kannibaaltje”


National Argenton


11 14 20

National Bourges National Argenton National Argenton

20,544b. 19,782b. 12,390b.

14 24

National Chateauroux 16,479b. National Argenton 19,782b.

23 72

National Argenton Nat La Souterraine

“My Favourite”

“Blue Fantasy”


Comes out the coupling “Vale Bil” x “Geschifte Thunder” “Vale Bil” B94-6366891 – original Geerinckx Won

1st ace Noyon 1995

Is father of “Gladiator” (all information see above) “Geschifte Thunder” B02-6354240 – original Geerinckx 100% Soontjens Jos – line “Witte Tom” Daughter of “Grote Thunder” (1st Noyon 752b.) Granddaughter “Grote Witte” (4 x 1st)

5,763b. 4,459b.

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