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Extra information “Daughter De Pater” B10-5110199 – original Verreckt-Ariën Is a full sister of “National Patrina” “National Patrina” won

2 80 11 29 79 48 58 72

Cahors National Cahors National (z) Brive National Brive National Tulle National (z) Bourges Provincial Chateauroux S-National Montluçon

210b. 8,105b. 2,448b. 10,089b. 5,124b. 8,439b. 1,630b. 5,907b.

1 83 589

Soissons Provincial Bourges National La Chatre

770b. 3,541b. 15,780b.

Is a full sister of “Paterke 756” “Paterke 756” won

Comes out the coupling “De Pater” x “Dikke Cahors” “De Pater” B05-5217167 – original Verreckt-Ariën Won: 1 1 14 59

provincial Le Mans Chateauroux Argenton National Bourges

Is father of:

“756-09”: “755-09”:

990b. 251b. 2,168b. 12,549b.

1 Soissons 770b. 8 National ace KBDB Fond

Is a half-brother of “Armstrong” “Armstrong” won

9 36 39 43 75 102

S-National Chateauroux S-National Argenton National (z) Bourges National (z) Bourges National (z) Limoges S-National Chateauroux

3,137b. 10,461b. 6,870b. 4,445b. 4,931b. 11,714b.

1 5

Provincial Aurillac Provincial Brive

1,091b. 990b.

Is a half-brother of “Ylian” “Ylian” won

“Dikke Cahors” B03-6454922

Won: 12 23

Provincial Montluçon Provincial Cahors


Is grandmother of: 1 2 7

Provincial Bordeaux National Bordeaux International Bordeaux

Comes out the coupling “Inbred Patricia” x “Mother James Bond” “Inbred Patricia” B02-6269238 Is father of “922-03”

12 provincial Montluçon 2,700b. 23 provincial Cahors

Is grandfather of

2nd national Bordeaux 3rd La Souterraine 2,200b.

“Mother James Bond” B02-6269215 Mother of super bird “James Bond” “James Bond” B05-5123007 won 2nd provincial ace middle distance KBDB 2008 4th National ace middle distance KBDB 2008 9 S-Nationaal Montluçon 7,302b. 12 Bourges 5,278b. 20 Argenton II 2,168b. 28 Argenton I 4,243b. Became a top breeder !