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Extra information “Half-brother De Montauban” B12-5088197 – original Nouwen-Paesen Is a half-brother of Olympiad bird “De Montauban” “De Montauban” B07-5128286 Won: 207 256 4

International Perpignan ‘011 International Perpignan ‘010 Provincial Montauban

15,192b. 15,847b. 1,011b.

2nd National ace Perpignan 2010 + 2011 7th International ace Perpignan 2010 + 2011 Comes out the coupling “B04-5133911” x “B03-5210866” “B04-5133911” – original Nouwen-Paesen - line Klaps Jef Won: 16



Is a son out the coupling “B03-5198955” x “B99-5102146” “B03-5198655” – Jef Klaps line Nouwen-Paesen Won: 8 14 16

provincial Perpignan provincial Montauban provincial Limoges

“B99-5102146” – Jef Klaps line Nouwen-Paesen Daughter out top couple “260/93” x “856/98” “260-93” x “856/98” bred in 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation a lot of top birds. “B03-5140866” – original Nouwen-Paesen Is a half-sister of 9th semi-National Narbonne Comes out the coupling “Schone Schaluw” x “Jeurrinck” “Schone Schaluw” B94-5116111 – original Nouwen-Paesen Is a son of “491/85” x “597/86”: grandparents of 9 different birds who won Top-10 position on provincial level. “Jeurrinck” B95-2392029 Is a half-sister of “Zwarte Jo” “Zwarte Jo” won 15 69

National St. Vincent National Barcelon

1,557b. 13,161b.

72 79

National Perpignan National Barcelona

Is a half-sister of 1st National Dax

8,041b. 13,161b.

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