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Extra information: “548-Granddaughter Freddy” B10-5175548 – original Dirk Leekens A jewel out the coupling “Freddy Junior” x “Daughter Lucky Luke” “Freddy Junior” B09-5130845 – 100% Pros Roosen Son out the coupling “Freddy” x “Supermama” “Freddy” B94-4407032 – De Rauw-Sablon Is a full brother of: “104-94”: 1st prov. Bourges 9,503b. with 4 minutes in front! 1e La Souterraine 2,354b. with 10 min. in front ! Is father of: “Kastar”

1 18 52

Noyon 143b. La Souterraine 14,957b. Limoges 16,504b.

2 4 11

Vierzon prov. 6,938b. Bourges nat. 12,754b. – 2005 Bourges nat. 10,759b. - 2006

15 73 84

Argenton Chateauroux Bourges

“Blauwe Prins”


7,452b. 6,832b. 12,161b.

“Dromer” is grandfather of: “Miss Maniwan” – Koopman 1e nat. St. Vincent 25,870b. “Cornelis” - Koopman 1e internat. Limoges ‘10 “Blue Ace”: 2nd national ace Fond KBDB ’07 by Erik Limbourg The worldfamous cock of “Bak 17” – Aelbrecht Marcel. “Goede Zwarten” : won 1st and 2nd Dourdan – 83rd nat. Argenton

Is father of “Betty” (1st nat. Gueret 2002) 36th nat. Argenton 17,933b. – 3rd nat. Bourges 11,854b.


“Mr. Expensive”: father of “Doran” : 1st nat. NPO Orleans (640km) by Gerard Koopman. “Brother Dromer” B00-4065903 – father of “Lucky 77” (Limbourg). “Lucky 77” won 1st national ace KBDB Fond 2005 – 2nd nat. Souillac 5,985b. – 21st nat. Brive 20,310b. – 31st nat. Orange 6,751b. “Supermama” B03-5241896 – original Pros Roosen Super breeding hen ! Mother of 11 different 1st prize winners ! Mother of “Westy”:

4 76

National Gueret National Bourges

14,261b. 37,357b.

Is a daughter of “Nationaal” “National” B90-5335977 won: 1 1

National Bourges Orleans

9,759b. 2,337b.

“Daughter Lucky Luke” B10-5156548 – original Dirk Leekens Comes out the coupling “Lucky Luke” x “Always” “Lucky Luke” B97-5201920 – original Dirk Leekens Won

1 1 1 1 2 2 3 16 25

Provincial Orleans Chimay Orleans Bourges Chimay Solre St. Witz St. Witz Mettet

5,277b. 604b. 257b. 55b. 1,562b. 160b. 523b. 5,304b. 1,517b.

Is father of: “Lucky Lady”: 1st ace Fond young birds CC Eindhoven “Lucky Girl:

20 Iprovincial La Souterraine



1e provincial ace 2004

“Lucky Boy”

7 24

National Souillac National Argenton

“Lucky 345”

2 38

Reims Sezanne

7,597b. 5,208b.

1,422b. 5,860b.

Is grandfather of: “Blue Viagra” 3rd are European Nation Cup 2009 18 Nat.(z) La Souterraine 2,038b. 20 National Souillac 7,597b. 35 National Argenton 5,043b. 38 National Bourges 12,549b. 40 Nat (z) La Souterraine 2,098b. 51 S-National Montluçon 7,381b. 52 National Argenton 5,043b. “National Kannibaal” 1 Provincial ace Fond KBDB 2010 Co-winner national championship KBDB young birds Fond 2010 40 52 72 189

National Argenton Nat. La Souterraine S-national Vierzon National Bourges

22,442b. 17,017b. 2,457b. 30,742b.