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Extra information “English Chata” GB12J-20811 – original Dutch Masters Daughter out the coupling “De Chateauroux” x “Miss Bond” “De Chateauroux” B08-3009301 - original Norbert Sierens Won: 1 national Chateauroux 17,109b. Fastest of 39,827b. Is a half-brother of “De 401” B07-3178401 “De 401” won, without doubles, 19 prizes 1/10 whereby: 4 6 21 33 35 59 101 147 176 78 90 344 365 415 427 721 1011 1391 1520

provincial Tours provincial Chateauroux Orleans provincial Gueret Chateauroux Ablis provincial Tours provincial Chateauroux provincial Limoges National Souillac National Cahors National Limoges National Bourges National Brive National Tulle National Limoges National Brive National Chateauroux National Limoges

1,970b. 4,793b. 1,190b. 2,060b. 560b. 639b. 1,930b. 4,093b. 3,551b. 7,045b. 8,105b. 11,869b. 13,354b. 17,456b. 5,676b. 10,448b. 16,815b. 17,109b. 19,373b.

Is a half-brother of “606-05” “606-05” won 26

National Limoges


Comes out the coupling “Avatar” x “Mother Chateauroux” “Avatar” B03-3114800” original Sierens Norbert Is father of:

“De Chateauroux” :

All information see above

“De 401”:

All information see above


All information see above

Is a half-brother of “De Brive”

“De Brive” won

19 21 27 156

National La Souterraine 13,488b. National Brive 22,026b. National Souillac 7,214b. National Souillac 7,154b.

Is a grandson of “De Asduif” “De Asduif” became 1st national ace KBDB Fond 1995 ! Is a grandson of “De Turbo” – original Gaby Vandenabeele “Turbo” B90-3119128 won: 1 provincial ace KBDB West-Flanders 1993 2 provincial ace KBDB West-Flanders 1994 2 Brive 5132b. 5 Prov. Limoges 2,487b. 12 Prov. Angouleme 2,366b. 31 Nat. Limoges 8,362b. 32 Prov. Limoges 2,767b. 50 Nat. Limoges 10,291b. “Mother Chateauroux” B07-3034329 – original Norbert Ally Is mother of “De Chateauroux” : 1 national Chateauroux 17,109b. Fastest of 39,827b. Comes out the coupling “Boris” x “Prima duivin” “Boris” B04-3005778 - original Norbert Ally Won: 4 9 59

Prov. Limoges Prov. Tours Prov. Blois

2,104b. 1,899b 4,896b.

Is a son of “B98-3242978” “B98-3242978” won 17 x 1/10 further the Paris 100% Gaby Vandenabeele “Prima duivin” B99-3046610 – strain Norman Won 6 x 1/10 “Miss Bond” B05-3227355 – original Gaby Vandenabeele Daughter out the coupling “James Bond” x “Madonna Turbo” “James Bond” B01-3031007 won

1 3 15 25 43 79 240

National Bourges Blois Blois Blois Chateauroux Chateauroux Bourges

13,166b. 272b. 1,927b. 3,045b. 7,347b. 6,334b. 14,535b.

“Madonna Turbo” B04-3001796 Daughter out topper “Turbo” x “Daughter Kolonel” “Turbo” B90-3119128: all information see above.