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Extra information “Grandson De Kannibaal” B11-6240303 – original Dirk Van Dijck Very beautifull cock out the coupling “Son De Kannibaal” x “Daughter De Rambo” “Son De Kannibaal” B02-6508543 – original Dirk Van Dijck “Kannibaal” B95-6246005 – original Dirk Van Dijck Won: 1 1 1 1 1 3 5 7 7

National ace KBDB ½ Fond 1996 Noyon 157b. Dourdan 727b. Dourdan 694b. Marne 856b. Dourdan 1,060b. Noyon 290b. Dourdan 1,004b. Orleans 5,140b.

Is a brother of “Den Bourges” “Den Bourges” won

1 2

provincial Bourges National Bourges 40,401b.

Is a son of “Rambo” “Rambo” won 3 x 1st on middle distance Union Antwerpen Is father of: “Golden Lady” – top breeding hen Gerard Koopman “Golden Lady” is mother of: “Kleine Dirk” (NL98-5821416) 1 1 1 4 6

NPO Troyes NPO Bourges Maaseik Boxtel Chimay

17,884b. 7,165b. 3,522b. 10,093b. 16,306b.

Became father of a lot of top breeders as: “Geralda” (Comb. Verbree) – “Dirky” (Pieter Veenstra) – “Aladin” (Marijke Vink) – “Charley” (Marcel Sangers) – “Amoré’s Dirk” (Cor Leytens), “Dirky” (Jan Hooymans), “Wondere Dirk” (Anton Ruitenberg), and so on….

“Annelies” (NL99-5971341) 1 2 2 5

Chimay Troyes Chimay Hasselt

15,438b. 13,147b. 10,001b. 4,052b.

“Yi-Min” – mother “Amoré” (Olympiad bird Lièvin) Other famous grandchildren of “De Kannibaal” are: “Geschelpt Kannibaaltje” by Marijke Vink, mother of 11 different 1st prize winners whereby “Reza”, “Farah Diba”, “Future”. “Black Jack” - Paul Huls “Black Jack” became Olympiad bird in Ostend “Lara Craft” (B10-6359076), mother of “William” (Ullrich Lemmens) “William” (B12-6032341) won: 8 82 240

National Gueret National Bourges National Argenton

17,007b. 33,524b. 25,949b.

“Blauw daughter De Rambo” B03-6086031 – original Dirk Van Dijck “De Rambo” B93-6621023 – original Dirk Van Dijck “De Rambo” is father of “De Kannibaal” “De Kannibaal” B95-6246005 : all information see above

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