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Extra information “Miss Gueret” B12-2080534 – high class top hen with impressive performance list! Won: Gueret (573km)

1 4 14 23

Local CFW National (z) National

115b. 4,165b. 5,726b. 16,988b.

Bourges (461km)

8 63 72 88 176

Local Brabantse Unie CFW Nationaal (z) Nationaal

196b. 5,380b. 8,804b. 12,512b. 33,524b.

La Souterraine (576km)

2,318 National


Blois (448km)

8 125 136

Local CFW Brabantse Unie

124b. 2,385b. 3,867b.

Soissons (205km)




Pithiviers (358km)




1 10 71 82 420

ace young birds Great middle distance CFW Nevers provincial 955b. Blois provincial 1,721b. Bourges National 31,719b. Argenton National 20,383b.

Is a half-sister of “B11-2090528” “B11-2090528” won

Comes out the coupling “B07-2205868” x “B11-2092156” “B07-2205868” – original Patrick Lismont Is father of “528-11”:


National Bourges



23 176

National Gueret National Bourges

16,988b. 33,524b.

34 96

National Argenton National Gueret

20,383b. 14,362b.

Is grandfather of: “511-11”

Also in the 3rd generation this top breeder gives top birds: Young bird “B122080593” won by Frederick Motton: 2 Pithiviers 112b. – 3 Nanteuil 1,891b. – 4 Toury 350b. – 7 Nanteuil 2,052b. – 7 Melun 228b. – 79 Gueret 1,708b. “B11-2092156” – original Coel Matthias Is a half-sister of “B09-2027442” “B09-2027442” – original Matthias Coel Won

1 24 30 30 777 1.127

Provincial Vierzon Soissons Soissons Provincial Le Mans National Argenton National La Souterraine

739b. 1,509b. 1,241b. 2,374b. 23,900b. 17,814b.

Is a daughter of “Zwarten” x “B09-2027447” “Zwarten” B00-6550423 – Verbesselt-Van Riet Is father of: “B09-2027447” won


prov. Vierzon


1 ace young birds Demer en Dijle 91 Vierzon Interprov. 2,278b. 155 Bourges Nat. 37,357b.

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