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N°30 : NL06-4072296 V “SISTER INCONSPICIOUIS” (late of 2009 – old ring) Aarden 378 InterNat Perpignan '11 15.192 p 112 Int Perpignan'11 h 3.861 p. 211 Nat Perpignan'11 5.607 p. 64 Nat Perpignan h. 29 Prov Perpignan'11 7 NIC Perpignan 111 Reg Vanurs '11 SIRE: 00-2479706 “SUPERKLAMPER” Inbreed to the "KLAMPER" and grandson of brother Perpignan. The Superklamper runs like a red wire through this auction, his children won prizes like: 15,27,36, 37,40,58,59,64,67,71,90,93,95,96, 97,98,98,102, 106,124,136,143,150 on national level Not often we find such a breeder for the heavy LD-races. His grandchildren were part of the Barcelona perpignan team 2011 and also scored within the top. DAM: 04-1049843 “MOTHER INCONSPICIOUS” Daughter of Son LACRECHE LA CRECHE, de Heide: 44 Nat StVincent 16.486p 121 Nat St Vincent 2000, 17.333p 680e Nat Dax 2000, 14.423p 498 Int Marseille 2002, 17.205p 44e, 83e, 1360e Nat In 2001, this cock was 14° Best Nat. !!!! 2002: 172e (17.888p), 498e, 1467e Nat X daughter Japie N. Volkens, Bergen "JAPIE":1 Ace Marathon North Holland’99 1e NAT St Vincent 8.993p 92 NAT St Vincent 8.799p 107 NAT St Vincent 8.556p 962 NAT Bergerac 13.920p 225 NAT Dax 5.856 p 341 NAT Bergerac

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