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Extra information “Son De Wondere Dirk” NL11-1237137 – original Anton Ruitenberg Unique offer ! Comes out the coupling “De Wondere Dirk” x “Louise “De Wondere Dirk” NL03-5343048 – Original Gerard Koopman Won: 10 46 66 79 114

St. Ghislain Chantilly Houdeng Sourdun Wijchen

13,574b. 12,389b. 16,027b. 13,426b. 14,691b.

Is grandfather of: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

against against against against against against against against against against against against against against against against against against against against

11,552b. 6,336b. 4,320b. 7,000b. 5,507b. 6,367b. 2,478b. 3,677b. 5,477b. 1,912b. 7,710b. 10,141b. 2,478b. 1,600b. 2,380b. 3,788b. 8,890b. 7,112b. 6,064b. 4,402b.

Is a son of top couple “Kleine Dirk” x “Amira” “Kleine Dirk” NL98-5821416 – original Gerard Koopman Won: 1st national ace 1999 5th World champion young birds 1999 1st NPO Troyes 17,833b. 1st NPO Bourges 7,155b.

1st Maaseik 3,522b. 1st Troyes 2,423b. Famous children of “Kleine Dirk” are: “Geralda”: base breeding hen by Combinatie Verbree “Dirky”: base cock by Pieter Veenstra “Aladin”: base breeder by Marijke Vink “Charley”: super breeder by Marcel Sangers “Amorés Dirk” : top breeder by Cor Leytens, father of 1st NPO winner and 1st National ace “Dirkje”: topbreeder by Jan Hooymans – mother super crack “Harry” “Wondere Dirk”: top breeder by Anton Ruitenberg “Wonder Van Haacht”: father/grandfather of 40 different 1st prize winners by Horst en Frank Sander. “Louise” B04-6468252 – original Dirk Van Dijck Is mother of

1 1 2 9

Sezanne Marche Marche Gien

1,903b. 2,264b. 2,093b. 2,897b.

Is grandmother of: 1 1 1

Gien Charleville Reims

429b. 672b. 2,279b.

Daughter ot the coupling “De Kannibaal” x “Inbred Rambo” “Kannibaal” B95-6246005 – original Dirk Van Dijck Won: 1 1 1 1 1 3 5 7 7

National ace KBDB ½ Fond 1996 Noyon 157b. Dourdan 727b. Dourdan 694b. Marne 856b. Dourdan 1,060b. Noyon 290b. Dourdan 1,004b. Orleans 5,140b.

Is a brother of “Den Bourges” “Den Bourges” won

1 2

provincial Bourges National Bourges 40,401b.

Is a son of “Rambo” “Rambo” won 3 x 1st on middle distance Union Antwerpen Is father of: “Golden Lady” – top breeding hen Gerard Koopman “Diamond Lady” - top breeding hen by Pieter Veenstra Is grandfather of famous birds worldwide for example “Geschelpt Kannibaaltje” by Marijke Vink, mother of 11 different 1st prize winners whereby “Reza”, “Farah Diba”, “Future”.

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