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Extra information “Daughter St. Vincent” B10-3172673 – original Noël Peiren Comes out the coupling “Carcasonne” x “Blauw 147” “Carcasonne” B02-3252122 – original Noël Peiren Won: 54 304 334 440 505 628

National Carcasonne International Carcasonne National Marseille National Montauban National Perpignan National Brive

1,147b. 10,448b. 4,000b. 7,303b. 5,547b. 16,007b.

Is a son of “Montauban” B00-3050204 Won: 35

Nationaal Montauban 6.901d.

“Blauw 147” B07-3196147 – origineel Noël Peiren Won: 1 5 15

Local St. Vincent Provincial St. Vincent National St. Vincent

296b. 1,855b. 8,393b.

Is a daughter of “Diplomaat” “Diplomaat” B94-2337563 – original Noël Peiren Won: 5

National Montauban


Is father of 1st National Brive 19,487b. (2004) Is a full brother of “Wondere Peiren” “Wondere Peiren” won by fancier Saarloos 6 8 12

National Bergerac National St. Vincent National Dax

14,284b. 8,556b. 5,856b.

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