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Extra information “Son Electriek” B08-3186100 – original Noël Peiren What an offer ! Comes out the coupling “Electriek” x “Daughter Prins Barcelona” “Elektriek” B00-3257986 – original Peiren Noël Won: 58 127 128 130 133 170 236 260 484 626 843

National Perpignan National Bordeaux International Dax National Brive International Perpignan National Montauban National Brive National Montauban National Limoges National Brive International Perpignan

6,765b 7,519b. 7,149b. 2,589b. 14,812b. 7,303b. 25,352b. 6,901b. 9,545b. 19,477b 17,653b.

Is a full brother of “Wondere Peiren” of Saarloos “Wondere Peiren” NL96-2204717 won: 1 6 8 12

Ace National NPO Very long distance National Bergerac 14,284b. National St. Vincent 8,556b. National Dax 5,856b.

“Daughter Prins Barcelona” B02-3252134 – original Peiren Noël High class marathon hen! Won

37 84 194 524 578

National Barcelona ’05 International Barcelona ’05 National Perpignan ’05 International Perpignan ’05 International Perpignan ’04

12,998b. 25,815b. 7,611b. 17,653b. 17,570b.

Daughter of “Prins Barcelona” x “Daughter Artiest Barcelona” “Prins Barcelona” B97-3263157 – original Peiren Won: 7 15

National Barcelona International Barcelona

13,659b. 26,597b.

“Daughter Artiest Barcelona” B97-3263054 – original Peiren


59 313 611

National Barcelona National Barcelona International Barcelona

2,469 hens 13,659b. 26,597b.

Daughter of “Artiest Barcelona” “Artiest Barcelona” B90-3368746 won 1 2 4

Provincial Barcelona National Barcelona Internat. Barcelona

2,269b. 13,343b. 33,154b.

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