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Extra information: “42-Son Wonder Zhora” B12-3167442 – original Nicolas and Filip Norman Unique offer out of the Norman breeding loft ! Is a full brother of “First Lady” B10-3113131 - 18 National Tulle 6,817b. Won, without doubles: 2 3 5 5 6 18 22 26 100 621 1,348

Arras Ablis Ablis Tours La Chatre National Tulle Bourges Orleans Provincial Bourges National Gueret National Chateauroux

200b. 208b. 307b. 280b. 344b. 6,817b. 255b. 560b. 1,388b. 13,885b. 16,479b.

“Fabienne” B10-3113047 Won, without doubles: 1 1 3 4 10 10 11 46 65 466

Ablis Tours Chateauroux Bourges Arras Clermont Orleans Argenton La Souterraine Nationaal Limoges

311b. 422b. 15 provincial Tours 3,526b. 535b. 188 Nat. Chateauroux 25,263b. 171b. 13 provincial Bourges 1,341b. 290b. 1,217b. 368b. 488b. 951b. 14,686b.

Comes out the coupling “Nies” x “Wonder Zhora” “Nies” DV0210323-06 – original Günter Nies Superb breeder on the impressive breeding loft of Norman Father of several top birds such as “First Lady” and “Fabienne” Comes out the coupling “Grandson Eurostar” x “Granddaughter Kannibaal” “Grandson Eurostar” DV05-1265610

“Eurostar” DV02098-99-802 : 1 National ace Germany 2001 “Granddaughter Kannibaal” B05-6541321 – Dirk Van Dijck “Kannibaal” B95-6246005 : 1 National ace KBDB middle distance 1996 “Wonder Zhora” B08-3153001 – original Nicolas and Filip Norman One of the jewels on the Norman breeding loft ! Mother of several top birds such as “First Lady” and “Fabienne” Won herself, without doubles: 1

Provincial ace KBDB middle distance West-Flanders

1 1 1 1 1 1 3 7 8 9 12 20

Ablis Blois Tours Tours Bourges Blois Blois Prov. Tours Clermont Tours Argenton Tours

348b. 493b. 247b. 312b. 273b. 99b. 376b. 1,495b. 357b. 402b. 374b. 241b.

38 prov. Blois 135 prov. Tours 19 prov. Tours 23 Nationaal Bourges 53 prov. Blois 199 prov. Blois

5,035b. 2,410b. 2,349b. 22,449b. 1,503b. 4,257b.

129 prov. Tours


Comes out the coupling “Zorro” x “Daughter Mozes” “Zorro” B94-3160128 – original Filip and Nicolas Norman. The base bird of the breeding loft. “Zorro” won himself.: 10 11 14

international Dax national Limoges national Cahors

6,491b. 16,854b. 11,090b.

“Zorro” gives as well in 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation winners ! Famous children of “Zorro” are: “Wonder Zhora”: 6 x 1st – 1st prov. ace KBDB Great middle distance Fond West-Flanders. “Blois duivin”: 1st Blois 1,186b. “Pinokio”: 1st Montauban – 12th national 6,711b.

“Pele”: 2 x 1st Tours “Premier”: 1st Blois “Piëtro”: 1st Blois “’T Rap”: 1st Tours 737b. “Nantes duivin”: 1st Nantes “Duo Duivin” 1st Clermont – 1st Dourdan “Fifi”: 1st prov. Vichy + 8 x 1/10 “Blauwe Zorro”: 1st Ruffec “Serge”: 1st Chartres “Petra”: 12 x 1/10 “Malvina”: 12 x 1/10 “Servaas”: 1st prov. Montélimar – 72nd nat. 10,200b. “Don Juan: 2 x 1st prize “Amor”: 1st Narbonne “Dries”: 1st Bourges “Beethoven”: 1 prov. La Souterraine “Castro”: 3 x 1st prize “Abraham”: 1st La Souterraine “Daughter Mozes” B06-3201435 – original Norman Mother of “Wonder Zhora” Comes out the coupling “Mozes” x “’T Rap” “Mozes” B99-3225251 20 66 114

Poitiers Angoumème Nat. Limoges

2,816b. 2,589b. 6,679b.

“’ T Rap” B01-3140028 1 8 27

Blois Tours Tours

737b. 273b. 1,677b.

Is a daughter of base breeder “Zorro”