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Extra information “Brother Florian” B12-3002070 – original Nicolas and Filip Norman. Exclusive top offfer! Full brother of one of the best birds of 2012 in Belgium namely “Florian” ! “Florian” B10-3113328 won, without doubles: 1 1 4 6 7 130 467

Interprovincial Limoges Interprovincial Poitiers National Souillac Aigle Arras National Brive National Bourges

2,594b. 1,827b. 7,760b. 114b. 150b. 11,130b. 20,589b.

2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012

4 5 5 12 13 89 259

Clermont Orleans Blois Ablis Ablis Interprovincial Tours National Limoges

259b. 525b. 202b. 209b. 208b. 2,766b. 14,816b.

2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011


National Gueret



Comes out the coupling “Son Nationaal II” x “Daughter Zorro” “Son Nationaal II” B08-5116150 – original Jos Thoné Superb son out the coupling “Nationaal II” x “Daughter Narbonne” “Nationaal II” B01-6182211 - Turlinckx A. en R. Won: 1 1 1 6 6 15 34

National Limoges National (z) Limoges Provincial Blois S-National Chateauroux S-National Montluçon Provincial Vierzon National Limoges

“Daughter Narbonne” B07-5067196 Daughter of “De Narbonne” x “Dusaer” “De Narbonne” B97-7013746

12,743b. ‘04 2,787b. ‘03 491b. 12,422b 9,300b. 3,240b. 16,504b.

1 2

National Narbonne 6,423b. International Narbonne

“Daughter Zorro” B05-3222414 – original Nicolas and Filip Norman Full sister of “Father Abraham” “Abraham” won 1st prize Finale race One Million Dollar South-Africa Comes out the coupling “Zorro” x “Kristine” “Zorro” B94-3160128 – original Filip and Nicolas Norman. The breeding star of the Norman loft. “Zorro” won o.a.: 10 11 14

international Dax national Limoges national Cahors

6,491b. 16,854b. 11,090b.

“Zorro” gives as well in 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation winners ! Famous children of “Zorro” are: “Wonder Zhora”: 6 x 1st – 1st prov. ace KBDB Great middle distance Fond West-Flanders. “Blois duivin”: 1st Blois 1,186b. “Pinokio”: 1st Montauban – 12th national 6,711b. “Pele”: 2 x 1st Tours “Premier”: 1st Blois “Piëtro”: 1st Blois “’T Rap”: 1st Tours 737b. “Nantes duivin”: 1st Nantes “Duo Duivin” 1st Clermont – 1st Dourdan “Fifi”: 1st prov. Vichy + 8 x 1/10 “Blauwe Zorro”: 1st Ruffec “Serge”: 1st Chartres “Petra”: 12 x 1/10 “Malvina”: 12 x 1/10

“Servaas”: 1st prov. Montélimar – 72nd nat. 10,200b. “Don Juan: 2 x 1st prize “Amor”: 1st Narbonne “Dries”: 1st Bourges “Beethoven”: 1 prov. La Souterraine “Castro”: 3 x 1st prize “Abraham”: 1st La Souterraine Famous grandchildren of “Zorro” ar: “Cognac”


National Tulle




National Limoges




National Tulle


“Kristine” B03-3003480 – original Gaby Vandenabeele Won

3 8 13 28 30 133

Blois Clermont Blois Chateauroux Blois Blois

781b. 408b. 5,622b. 838b. 794b. 5,246b.

Is a daughter of “Blacky” x “’ T Goudklompje” “Blacky” B95-2275417 – Rufin Heymans Nestbrother 3rd National ace Middle Distance KBDB “ ’ T Goudklompje” B96-9635774