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Extra information “28- Daughter Pronto” NL12-1284028 – original Combinatie Verbree Born out the coupling “Pronto” x “Daughter Cheryl” “Pronto” NL06-1828889 – original Combinatie Verbree One of the best breeders on the breeding loft of Combinatie Verbree Is father of top birds such as: “NL07-1430566”: won 25 prizes in 2 seasons “Fyra” NL08-1152442: 4th ace National Northern Union 9 Orleans 3,399b. 9 Morlincourt 2,339b. (1/369d.) 6 Chateauroux 1,720b. (1/184) “Yetta” NL10-1326519 4

National NPO Blois


Comes out the coupling “Ultra 31” x “Royala” “Ultra 31” NL97-5774231 – original Combinatie Verbree won:

10 13

National NPO Orleans National NPO Montluçon

13,823b. 7,855b.

Is a full brother of “Olympic Orlando” “Royala” NL01-5118312 – original Combinatie Verbree Won: 2 6 17 1 6

National NPO Tours National NPO Bourges National NPO Orleans Hensies Strombeek

7,857b. (1/1,899b.) 9,045b. (1/2,197b.) 7,467b. 5,375b. 5,180b. (1/581b.)

“Daughter Cheryl” NL09-1375381 – original Jan Hooymans Inbred to “Dirky” , mother of famous “Harry” Daughter out the coupling “De Viertjes” (half-brother “Harry”) x “Sister Harry” “De Viertjes” NL08-1730444: half-brother “Harry” “Sister Harry” NL07-2007798 Won: 10 32 48

National NPO Chateauroux Epehy Nanteuil

5,979b. 4,518b. 3,249b.

“Harry” NL07-2007621 – original Jan Hooymans Won: 1 National R7 Blois 5,653b. – 548km - Fastest of 37,728b. 1 National R7 Chateauroux 5,979b. – 611km - Fastest of 22,340b. 3 Nationaal NPO Chateaudun 8.781d. – 500km - 3 Northern Union 21,520b. 1 Dutch ace WENC Dortmund 2010 1 National ace One day fond The Best of The Best 2009 1 Interprovincial ace One day Fond Noordelijke Unie 2009 Is a full brother of following top birds “Alexia”: 1 NPO Chateauroux 5,410b. – 2012 “Doutzen”: 10 NPO Chateauroux 5,410b. – 2012 2 NPO Salbris 7,599b. 2 NPO Blois 4,829b. 3 NPO Blois 7,417b. 4 NPO Chateauroux 4,801b. 5 NPO Chateauroux 5,979b. 6 NPO Offenburg 7,151b. 10 NPO Chateauroux 5,979b.