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Extra information “New Viagra” B12-2176146 – original Guy Baerts Comes out the coupling “Blue Viagra” x “Daughter Little Joe” “Blue Viagra” B05-5148194 Won

2 3 20 38 52 35 18 30 39 40 48 51 52 98

S-National ace 2007 ace West European Country cup 2009 National Souillac 7,597b. National Bourges 12,549b. National Argenton 5,002b. National Argenton 5,043b. National (z) La Souterraine 2,038b. Provincial Brive 2,338b. Provincial Koblenz 745b. National (z) La Souterraine 2,098b. Provincial Maagdenburg 1,190b. S-National Montlucon 7,381b. National (z) Limoges 2,569b. National (z) Souillac 1,254b.

Is a brother of: 14 16 36 57 69 88 95

Provincial Orleans Provincial Brive National Tulle National Argenton S-National Jarnac National La Souterraine National (z) Limoges

9,383b. 2,338b. 6,345b. 23,900b. 3,989b. 16,665b. 6,016b.

Sens Provincial Vierzon Provincial Gien National (z) La Souterraine National (z) Bourges National Argenton Provincial Sezanne National (z) Tulle National Limoges

2,809b. 2,992b. 4,295b. 2,038b. 6,621b. 6,410b. 6,525b. 2,090b. 16,012b.

Is vader van: 23 31 34 52 54 61 69 74 105

Comes out the coupling “Father Blue Viagra” x “Mama Mia”

“Father Blue Viagra” B01-5012460 Half-brother 1st provincial ace 2004 Son of “Lucky Luke” “Lucky Luke” won

1 1

prov. Orleans 5,277b. Chimay 604b.

“Mama Mia” B01-5261722 Mother of “Blue Viagra” Daughter of “Milton” “Milton” won 1 1 2

S-National ace Provincial Argenton Provincial Argenton

“Daughter Litlle Joe” B11-2183623 Comes out the coupling “Little Joe” x “Sister Golden Boy” “Little Joe” B01-2239585 – top racer and breeder ! Won: 9 International Marseille (only race + 800km) Is father of:

8 19 28 30 55 86 126 262 375 Is grandfather of: 3 7 8 12 13 15 20 23 23 27 35


National Montauban Provincial Chateauroux S-National St. Vincent S-National Tulle National Gueret National Bordeaux National Limoges National Souillac National Limoges

6,187b. 1,038b. 1,408b. 2,191b. 2,608b. 2,648b. 16,012b. 7,315b. 11,995b.

S-National Jarnac Provincial Perpignan Provincial Libourne Provincial Bordeaux Provincial Cahors International Bordeaux Exceter (UK) Provincial Chateauroux National (z) National Pau National Narbonne

3,714b. 1,084b. 990b. 936b. 923b. 10,919b. 5,736b. 2,253b. 2,780b. 1,989b. 5,098b.

56 76 78 80

National Montélimar National Libourne National Tulle National Pau

8,232b. 7,958b. 5,124b. 1,989b.

National Montauban International Bordeaux Bordeaux (Fr) Little Hampton (UK) S-National Chateauroux National Libourne National Chateauroux National Orange National Tulle

6,809b. 10,919b. 1,004b. 3,026b. 10,719b. 7,958b. 18,725b. 4,443b. 6,345b.

Is great grandfather of: 4 6 10 25 46 49 62 65 85

“Sister Golden Boy” B08-2191514 Is a sister of 1 provincial and 4 National Tulle 6,585b. Is a half-sister of: “Regina”:

4 S-Nationaal Jarnac



9 Internat. Bordeaux hens 15 Internat. Narbonne hens 22 Internat. Bordeaux hens

Comes out the coupling “Georgie” x “B02-2300968” “Georgie” B07-5080452 – 100% Brockamp Son of famous “Mistral” “B02-2300968”: daughter “Molnar”