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Extra information UNIQUE OFFER – 100% Jos Thoné “Daughter Little Joe” B12-2176133 – original Henri and Guy Baerts Comes out the coupling “Little Joe” x “Daughter Kleine Molenaar” “Little Joe” B01-2239585 – top racer and breeder ! Won: 9 International Marseille (only race + 800km) Is father of:

8 19 28 30 55 86 126 262 375 Is grandfather of: 3 7 8 12 13 15 20 23 23 27 35 56 76 78 80


National Montauban Provincial Chateauroux S-National St. Vincent S-National Tulle National Gueret National Bordeaux National Limoges National Souillac National Limoges

6,187b. 1,038b. 1,408b. 2,191b. 2,608b. 2,648b. 16,012b. 7,315b. 11,995b.

S-National Jarnac Provincial Perpignan Provincial Libourne Provincial Bordeaux Provincial Cahors International Bordeaux Exceter (UK) Provincial Chateauroux National (z) National Pau National Narbonne National Montélimar National Libourne National Tulle National Pau

3,714b. 1,084b. 990b. 936b. 923b. 10,919b. 5,736b. 2,253b. 2,780b. 1,989b. 5,098b. 8,232b. 7,958b. 5,124b. 1,989b.

National Montauban International Bordeaux Bordeaux (Fr) Little Hampton (UK) S-National Chateauroux National Libourne

6,809b. 10,919b. 1,004b. 3,026b. 10,719b. 7,958b.

Is great grandfather of: 4 6 10 25 46 49

62 65 85

National Chateauroux National Orange National Tulle

18,725b. 4,443b. 6,345b.

Comes out the coupling “The Godfather” x “Daughter 516” “The Godfather” B93-5331814 – original Jos Thoné Is father of “Little Joe”: 9 International Marseille


Is father of “Godiva” “Godiva” won 9 11 27

National Bordeaux National Perpignan National Barcelona

3,651b. 6,246b. 13,021b.

“Daughter 516” B00-2399774 Out “Half-brother Poco” x “Daughter Mooiste Reus” “Daughter Kleine Molenaar” B02-5051684 – original Jos Thoné Is mother of “King Rhone” “King Rhone” won

1 2 28 94 129 196 205

Ace CFW National 2007 Ace Route Du Rhone CFW National 2007 National Montélimar 7,873b. National (z) Orange 3,350b. National Montélimar 8,633b. National Orange 4,587b. National Irun 5,856b.

Superb daughter out the coupling “Kleine Molenaar” x “Daughter Pocasso” “Kleine Molenaar” B98-5075521 – Thoné Jos Won: 1 1 7 12 37 51 76

Provincial ace Fond KBDB Provincial ace Grote Fond KBDB National ace Fond KBDB National Bordeaux 3,651b. National Marseille 4,093b. National Montauban 7,220b. National Perpignan 6,246b.

“Daughter Pocasso” B00-2342696 Is a granddaughter of “Poco”

“Poco” won

24 65 7 15 1

Nat. Barcelona ‘93 13,343b. Internat. Barcelona’93 33,145b. Nat. Barcelona ’95 9,452b. Internat. Barcelona ’95 20,936b. National Barcelona hens

“Poco” is a grandson of “Arnold” : “Arnold” won 1 Internat. Barcelona 24,908b. “Poco” is a grandson of “Gerda” “Gerda” won 1 Internat. Barcelona 20,126b. Is a granddaughter of “Hailé” “Hailé” B93-5139343 won: 1 S-National Pau

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