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Extra information: “Daughter Blue Energy” NL11-1185886 – original Gerard Koopman Superb hen out the coupling “Blue Energy” x “Daydream” “Blue Energy” NL03-2324278 – original Gerard Koopman Is father of “Miss Mukdahan” : “Miss Mukdahan” won 1 14 35 60

Laon Pommeroeul Duffel Arras

1,479b. 3,078b. 7,061b. 5,495b.

Is grandfather of: “Royal Revenge”

5th final race One Million Dollar South-Afrika


3 National ace One-Day-Fond Fondspiegel 2007-20082009

“Chanel” (Veenstra)

1 National ace Late Tour WHZB 2009 1 Boxtel 6,506b. 1 Hasselt 2,103b.

Is great grandfather of: “Eus”

1 ace one-loft Belgian Master 2009 1 prize final race one-loft Belgian Master 2009 Won 53,000 euro prize money

“Young Star” (Veenstra) 1 provincial ace Friesland 2011 Comes out the coupling “De Lorris” x “Yi Min” “De Lorris” NL02-5241328 – original Lindelauf Full brother of 1st national ace short distance “Het Mirakel” Is father of: “Magic Man”: 1 National Le Mans N 15,252b. 3 National Le Mans 99,104b. “Gerards Favourite”

4 5 9

NPO Ablis 10,609b. St. Ghislain 13,574b. NPO Sourdun 13,426b.

“Yi-Min”NL98-5821450 – original Gerard Koopman Full sister of world famous “Kleine Dirk”

Won: 5 39 125 172 114

Hasselt Boxtel Nijvel Beek Niergnies

2,668b. 15,031b. 15,466b. 15,618b. 10,174b.

Is mother of “Amoré” “Amoré” won: 1 National ace One-Day-Fond 2002 Is grandmother of world famous breeders such as: “Dirkje” (Jan Hooymans) Mother of “Harry”: 1 Nat. asduif Fond WHZB 2009 1 NPO Blois 5,553b. 1 NPO Chateauroux 5,979b. Mother of: 2 NPO Salbris 2 NPO Blois 3 NPO Blois 4 NPO Chateauroux 5 NPO Chateauroux

7,599b. 4,829b. 7,417b. 4,801b. 5,979b.

“Magic Amoré” (G. en S. Verkerk) Mother of Olympiad bird “Olympic Solange” Grandmother of 3 National ace Fond NPO 2008 “Charley” (Marcel Sangers) Father of: 1 Heverlee 9,076b. – 1 Bourges 1,834b. – 1 Harchies 3,769b. – 1 Haasrode 615b. “Amore’s Dirk” (Cor Leijtens) Father of 1 National ace Fond WHZB 2007 Father of 1 National Blois 4,282b. “Daydream” NL07-5724626 – original Gerard Koopman Won: 1 70

NPO Ablis 8,519b. NPO Chantilly 12,742b.

Is a half-sister of “Vakir”

“Vakir” won 3 NPO Blois 6,279b. Comes out the coupling “Cassius” x “Miss Mookhook” “Cassius” NL02-2373002 – original Gerard Koopman Son out brother x sister coupling “Kleine Dirk” x “Annelies”

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