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Extra information: Superb young cock – 100% Batenburg-Van De Merwe Comes out the coupling “NL05-1338514” x “NL04-2169808” “NL05-1338514” – original Batenburg-Van De Merwe Son of “Grandson Bonte kweker” x “Donker” “Grandson Bonte Kweker” NL03-1075438 – Batenburg Van De Merwe Son of “NL96-2204463” x “NL95-1862104” “NL96-2204463” : is een halfbroer van 6 11 14

National Barcelona National St. Vincent National St. Vincent

10,575b. 8,556b. 24,298b.

“NL95-1862104” is a sister of 2 16 16 22

National Dax National Perpignan National Marseille National Pau

“Donker” NL04-1993191 – original Batenburg-Van De Merwe Is a daughter of “Kleine Bonte Kweker” “Kleine Bonte Kweker” is sister of 14 national Cahors 7,321b. and 124th national Cahors 7,321b. Is a granddaughter of “Witbuik 153” “Son Witbuik” NL94-1340153 Is father and grandfather of: 2 1 9 14 16 21 24 28 31 40 45

Nat. Mont De Marsan 7,245b. Bergerac 1,500b. (FR) National Bordeaux National Cahors National Bordeaux National Perpignan National Narbonne National Tarbes National Narbonne National St. Vincent National Perpignan

Is great grandfather of “Perpignan Girl” “Perpignan Girl” won 1 2011 7 76

Internat. ace Perpignan 2010Nat. Perpignan 5,409b. Nat. Perpignan 5,607b.

Is a granddaughter of “De Braakhuis duivin” “De Braakhuis duivin” NL86-316076 Is mother of:

16 National Marseille 16 National Perpignan 22 National Pau

“NL04-2169808” – original Batenburg-Van De Merwe Comes out the coupling “Oscar” x “De 813” “Oscar” NL98-1194255 won 2 2

Provincial Cahors National Cahors


“De 813” NL99-2289813 Is mother of:

1 provincial Barcelona 6 national Barcelona 7,525b. 13 International Barcelona 25,820b.

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