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Extra information “Brother Miss Cahors” NL12-1598475 – original Batenburg-Van De Merwe. Unique offer – Full brother of “Miss Cahors” – with DNA Certificate “Miss Cahors” won

1 National Cahors Fastest of 22,264b.




Comes out the coupling “Narbonne” x “Sisi” “Narbonne” NL07-1719301 – superb racer ! – original J.J. Knetsch Won: 1 2

National Narbonne International Narbonne

3,773b. 14,457b.


Is a son out the coupling “Father Narbonne” x “Mother Narbonne” “Father Narbonne” NL01-1681783 - Born out “Inbred Witbuik” (BatenburgVan De Merwe). “Mother Narbonne” NL94-2783490 – Is a halfsister of 3rd national Bergerac. – born out “Inteelt Witbuik” (Batenburg-Van De Merwe). “Sisi” NL06-1014601 – High class hen ! Won: 6 88

National Montauban National Tarbes

8,514b. 936 (hens)

872km 1,005km

Is a half-sister of several top birds such as: 1 21 25 44 46 49 56 66 71 80 88 97

Provincial Narbonne National Perpignan (hens) National Perpignan National Pau National Perpignan National Narbonne National Dax National Tarbes National Bergerac National Bergerac National Tarbes (hens) National Dax

Is a daughter of “Son Jonge Koster” (grandson of “Witbuik”) x “Daughter Godfather” .

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