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Extra information: “Grandson Den Dromer” NL08-2049177 – original Gerard Koopman High class son of ”Grandson Den Dromer” x “Daughter Den Dromer” “Grandson Den Dromer” NL05-1936791 – original Gerard Koopman Comes out the coupling “Son Den Dromer” x “Isabel” “Son Den Dromer” NL04-1389602 Is a son of “Den Dromer”: all information see further Is a son of “Yi Min” “Yi Min” NL98-5821450 Is a sister of “Kleine Dirk” Is mother of “Amoré” (Olympiad bird Lièvin) “Isabel” NL01-1135547 – origineel Gerard Koopman Full sister of “Emira” “Emira” won 1 NPO Orleans 10,825b. Comes out the coupling “Mighty Man” x “Gameela” “Mighty Man” NL98-1933559 – original Koopman Father of “Emira”: 1 NPO Orleans 10,825b. Grandfather of: “Matulin”: 1 NPO Chantilly 12,389b. “Mabilis”: 2 NPO Chantilly 12,389b. “Maliski”: 4 NPO Chantilly 12,389b. “Gameela” NL98-6593439 – original Van Hove-Uytterhoeven. Mother: “Emira” : 1 NPO Orleans 10,825b. “Daughter Den Dromer” NL07-4736444 – original Gerard Koopman Won: 83 356 480 649 948

Duffel Arras Blois Chantilly Ablis

3,114b. 6,168b. 4,260b. 12,742b. 8,519b.

Is a daughter of “Den Dromer” x “Emalia”

“Den Dromer” B99-4393519 – original De Rauw-Sablon won:

15 73 84 93

Interprov. Argenton Interprov. Chateauroux National Bourges II Provincial Bourges

7,452b. 6,832b. 12,161b. 3,575b.

Is grandfather of: “Miss Maniwan”: 1 national St. Vincent 25,870b. “Cornelis”:

1 International Limoges 4,885b.

2nd national ace KBDB Fond 2007 (Erik Limbourg) Cock of famous “Bak 17” – Aelbrecht Marcel “Good Aim”: 3rd prize Sun City Race Million Dollar 2009 Comes out the coupling “Freddy” x “Lieve” “Freddy” B94-4407032 – Freddy Vandenheede Very good breeder and this in several generations: such as “Mr Expensive” (1 NPO Orleans) – “Kastar” (18 nat. La Souterraine – 41 nat. Limoges) – “Blauwe Prins” (4 nat. Bourges – 11 nat. Bourges) – “Lucky 77” (1 nat. asduif Fond KBDB 2005) enz… “Emalia” NL04-1389613 – original Gerard Koopman Daughter “Kleine Dirk” x “Amore” “Kleine Dirk” x “Amoré” are parents of: “Dirkje” (Jan Hooymans): mother of “Harry” (1 nat. asduif Fond WHZB 2009) – sister and brothers of “Harry” won: 2 NPO Salbris 7,599b. – 2 NPO Blois 4,829b. – 3 NPO Blois 7,417b. – 4 NPO Chateauroux 4,801b. – 5 NPO Chateauroux 5,979b. – 6 NPO Offenburg 7,151b. – 10 NPO Chateauroux 5,979b. “Charley” (Sangers): father of 1 Heverlee 9,076b. – 1 Bourges 1,834b. – 1 Harchies 3,769b. – 12 NPO Blois 8,313b. – 17 NPO Bourges 10,764b. “Amoré ’s Dirk” (Cor Leijtens): father of “907” (1 nat. ace cock WHZB 2007) – “Blois II” (1 NPO Blois 4,282b.)