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Extra information DV0516-11-2545 – original Rainer Püttmann – 100% Gerard Koopman Comes out the coupling “Son Kleine Dirk” x “Dochter Lei” “Son Kleine Dirk” NL02-2373003 – original Gerard Koopman Is father of “50-08”: 4 Rastatt 6,095b. – 430km Is grandfather of: “406-10”: 1 ace regional allround 2011 (500 members) “232-08”: 1 prize 1,555b. (by Thomas Schnappauf) “90-09”: 2 Neumarkt 1,902b. (by Johannes Leenen) “99-09”: won as year bird 12 prizes whereby 7th – 18th – 18th -22nd -43rd prize. (by Johannes Leenen) “359-08”: 1 Bad Hersfeld 1,392b. (by Heinz Schönherr) Comes out the coupling “Kleine Dirk” x Amira” “Kleine Dirk” (NL98-5821416) Won: 1 1 1 2 3 4 enz….

NPO Troyes NPO Bourges Maaseik Lommel Hasselt Boxtel

17,884b. 7,165b. 3,522b. 3,612b. 2,668b. 10,093b.

Became father of a lot of top breeders such as: “Geralda” (Comb. Verbree) “Dirky” (Pieter Veenstra) “Aladin” (Marijke Vink) “Charley” (Marcel Sangers) “Amoré’s Dirk” (Cor Leytens), “Dirky” (Jan Hooymans), “Wondere Dirk” (Anton Ruitenberg), enz…. Comes out the coupling “Gentil” x “Golden Lady” (daughter “Kannibaal” – Dirk Van Dijck)

“Daughter Lei” NL02-2373132 – original Gerard Koopman Born out of the old base of the Koopman colony and then we speak about “Son Beatrixdoffer” x “Lei” “Son Beatrixdoffer” NL97-2253104 – original Gerard Koopman Is the nestbrother of “Noble Blue”. “Noble Blue” is father of “Queen of the Netherlands” who is mother of “Miss Wonderfull” : 1st national ace One day Fond 2006. Son out of famous coupling “Beatrixdoffer” x “Golden Lady” “Beatrixdoffer” NL88-2763998 – won 1 St. Ghislain Hornu 10,828b. “Golden Lady” B96-6286060 – Dirk Van Dijck Is a daughter of national ace “Kannibaal” Is mother of Koopman toppers such as “Kleine Dirk” – “Annelies” enz… “Lei” NL98-1933528 – original Gerard Koopman Won: 2 2 3

National NPO Bourges Maaseik Reims

7,165b. 3,522b. 2,792b;

Is a full sister of “Wonder Lady”: 1 Orleans 5,163b. Is mother of 8 National NPO Chantilly 13,008b. Is a daughter of “Zebran” x “Black Power Lady” “Zebran”NL97-2252958 – original Gerard Koopman Son of “Branco” x “Showpiece” “Black Power Lady” NL92-2048193