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Nr. 113: B07-5100749 “Close to William” Hen “Close to William” B07-5100749 – original Paul Huls. Daughter of brother “Super Jack” (Olympic Pig. Ostende 2007) and daughter of sister of mother “William”. Sire: “Son Monnik” B06-5188465 – Brother 4 provincial winners among which “Black Jack” (Olympic Pig. Oostende 2007) G.S.: “The Monnik” B99-5123325 – father “Black Jack” Olympic Pig. Oostende 2007 G.D.: “ Kannibolleke” B00-6551992 – mother “Black Jack” – daughter “Kannibaal” (Dirk Van Dijck) Dam: B04-5174917 – Sister of mother “William” (B12-6032341 – Ulrich Lemmens) became the best youngster over 3 nationals 2012 (zonal and national results) like: 8 Nat. Gueret 16.988p. – 18 Nat. C Argenton 6.630p. – 82 nat. Bourges 33.524p. G.S.: “Lichte Kannibaal” B00-6551991 – son ace-pigeon nat. and super breeder “Kannibaal” – Dirk Van Dijck G.D.: “Fenomientje” B02-2325795 – daughter “Fenomenale” of Camiel Nulens. “Fenomenale” won 1 ace-pigeon nat.KBDB MD 2002. 1 prov. Orléans 5.342p. – 1 prov. Limoges 1.497p. – 1 prov. Bourges 1.387p. – 1 prov. La Ferte 1.131p. -2 prov. Argenton 2.115p.