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Extra information “Daughter Firestar” B12-2087855 – original Veulemans-Perilleux Born in a family of winners against thousands of birds! Comes out the coupling “B10-2205991” x “Firestar” “B10-2205991” – original Veulemans-Perilleux Full brother of “Fire Power” :

1 7 1

National (Z) Argenton 2,647b. National Argenton 7,046b. Pithiviers 338b.

Full brother of “Fireworks”:

1 7

Soissons Orleans

1,535b. 1,851b.

Comes out the coupling “Den 601” x “Ascension” “Den 601” B04-2102601 – original Veulemans Won: 1 2 4

Bourges Toury Bourges

321b. 1,195b. 4,622b.

Is a son of “Platinum Pair” – 16 children won or bred 1st prize (winners) “Ascension” B05-2094480 – original Perilleux Won: 1 ace Middle Distance Obrafo 1 Toury 1,102b. 5 Toury 1,149b. 260 National Argenton 21,299b. “Firestar” B11-2041757 – original Veulemans-Perilleux Won: 1 1 108 1 15 329

Bourges National (Z) Bourges National Bourges Orleans S-National Chateauroux National Montluçon

666b. 4,381b. 16,859b. 1,157b. 8,624b. 22,875b.

Won a coefficient of 2,54% on 5 races starting from Orleans Won as a young bird 7 prizes on 8 races whereby 3 Orleans 1,157b. (after 2 loft mates) Comes out the coupling “B-52” x “Hemera”

“B-52” B08-2022252 – original Veulemans-Perilleux Won: 6 10

National (Z) Bourges I National Bourges I

7,176b. 22,516b.

4 26

National (Z) Bourges II National Bourges II

4,908b. 10,906b.

Is a son of “Platinum Pair” – 16 children won or bred 1st prize (winners)

“Hemera” B08-2022103 – original Veulemans-Perilleux Won

4 20 25 372

Toury Toury National (Z) La Souterraine National Argenton

1,147b. 1,949b. 2,038b. 21,092b.

Mother of: “Firestar” 1 Bourges 666b. - 1 National (Z) Bourges 4,381b. 108 National Bourges 16,859b. - 1 Orleans 1,157b. - 15 SNational Chateauroux 8,624b. - 329 National Montluçon 22,875b. Is a granddaughter of “Platinum Pair” – 16 children won or bred 1st prize (winners)