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Nr. 62 : B11-3026245 “Granddaughter Kaasboer” Hen Granddaughter of the famous “Kaasboer” Gaston Van De Wouwer “Kaasboer” B98-6335690 – basic pigeon with van de Wouwer Father of: “Mieke”: 7 Melun 539p. 8 Arlon 2.146p. 8 prov. Châteauroux 2.146p. 20 prov. Argenton 2.712p. 24 prov. Châteauroux 1.554p. 44 nat. Argenton 20.844p. 50 prov. Gueret 1.774p. “The Bourges”: 1 prov. Bourges 3.988p. 15 nat. Bourges 26.679p. 15 prov. Châteauroux 2.471p. 33 prov. Orléans 2.219p. 47 prov. Bourges 3.410p. “Mother Barbara” 1 Toury 2.007p 36 nat. Argenton 23.078p. 63 nat. Bourges 21.940p Some famous children of the “Kaasboer” are : “Laura” 1 nat. Bourges 17.061p. 74 nat. Bourges 37.357p. “Kim”: 1 nat. Gueret 14.245p. 4 prov. Salbris 1.080p. 38 nat. Argenton 23.900p. 87 nat. Bourges 37.357p. “Barbara” 1 prov. Argenton 1.213p. 1 zone Argenton 3.740p. 1 prov. Vierzon 3.409p. 2 interprov. Vierzon 11.062p. 3 nat. Argenton 11.001p. 17 nat. Gueret 2.953p. Sire: “Dudy Top” B07-3003017 – original Maurice Mattheeuws - 4 ace-pigeon prov.KBDB West Flanders 2009. G.S.: “Cocco” B04-3163127 G.D.: “Patsy” B02-3061077 Dam “Daughter Kaasboer” B06-6034928 – original Gaston Van De Wouwer G.S.: “Kaasboer” B98-6335690 G.D.: B03-6257069”