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Extra information: “Het 791” B12-2087791 – original Veulemans-Perilleux Is a summer bred and won in her short career 3 prizes: 1 1

Soissons Soissons

300b. 806b.






Comes out the coupling “Brother Bourges” x “Joanna Juwel” “Brother Bourges” B05-2273138 – original Veulemans-Perilleux Is a full brother of the famous “ Blauwe Bourges” “Blauwe Bourges” won: 1 10

provincial Bourges national Bourges

2,332b. 16,950b.

Comes out the coupling “Valere” x “Dikke Lejeune” “Valere” B99-2379429 – 100% Houben J.L.N. Son of “Narbonne” (B95-2300216) – Houben J.L.N. Son of 1st national La Souterraine 1998 – Houben J.L.N. Is father of “Blauwe Bourges” (10 nat. Bourges 16,950b.) “ Dikke Lejeune” B00-2347230 – original Lejeune Evrard Won: 1 Momignies 315b. 1 Momignies 235b. Is mother of “Blauwe Bourges” (10 nat. Bourges 16,950b.) “Joanna Jewel” B09-2038334 – original Veulemans-Perilleux Comes out the coupling “Armstrong” x “Het 232” “Armstrong” B00-5103795 Won: 1 provincial Reims 3,799b. Is a grandson of famous “As” – Clerinx Is grandfather of “De Chateauroux” “De Chateauroux” won:

1 2

Interprov. Chateauroux S-National Chateauroux

“Het 232” B06-2120232 – original Veulemans-Perilleux Won 9 prizes as young bird Is mother of topper “Lucky 7”: “Lucky 7” won 5 5 6

Melun Sens Sens

197b. 105b. 906b.

5,457b. 13,791b.