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Extra information “Granddaughter Marieke” B12-3168911 – original Gaby Vandenabeele Comes out the coupling “Super Rambo” x “Daughter Marieke” “Super Rambo” B10-3047217 – original Gaby Vandenabeele Is a double grandson of “Bliksem” “Bliksem” B98-3158062 Won: 1 2 4 5 8

prov. Poitiers prov. Chateauroux prov. Ruffec prov. Perigueux prov. Poitiers

1,448b. 4,662b. 1,778b. 1,119b. 2,975b.

Is father of o.a. “Harry” – Jan Hooymans “Harry” won:

1 National ace WHZB Fond 2009 1 NPO Blois 5,553b. 1 NPO Chateauroux 5,979b. 3 NPO Chateauroux 8,781b.

Is grandfather of: “Yvan” – Herbots Gebroeders 1 national ace middle distance KBDB 2009 4 national ace great middle distance KBDB 2008 “Paola” : 1 national Argenton 7,390 b. in 2010 “Barnaby” 1 provincial Bourges year birds 2 national Bourges 22,499 year birds. 3 provincial Argenton 3,387b. 3 provincial Argenton 5,251b. “Marieke” – Rik Cools 1 provincial ace Fond KBDB 1 national zone Gueret 5,166b. Is a grandson of “Bieke” “Bieke” B00-3195029 – 100% Gaby Vandenabeele

Won: 1 2 2 7 9 26 26

Chartes Poitiers Chateauroux Chateauroux Blois Argenton La Souterraine

326b. 2,766b. 7,183b. 4,498b. 2,953b. 17,933b. 2,350b.

Is a sister of “Kaatje” “Kaatje” B00-3195099 won: 2 10 99

Chartres Blois Blois

425b. 372b. 2,709b.

“Daughter Marieke” B09-3040149 – original Gaby Vandenabeele Daughter of top hen “Marieke” “Marieke” B08-3037512 Won: 1 1 14 17 99

provincial ace Fond KBDB national zone Gueret provincial Blois provincial La Souterraine provincial Argenton

Is a granddaughter of “Bliksem” “Bliksem”: all information see above

5,166b. 5,035b. 2,583b. 2,830b.