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Extra information “Grandson Freddy” B08-5165476 – original Pros Roosen Superb cock born out “Son Topbreeder Freddy” x “Granddaughter Zilveren Koppel” “Son Topbreeder Freddy” B07-5193875 – original Pros Roosen Out of the coupling “Freddy” x “Klein Zwart” “Freddy” B94-4407032 – original De Rauw-Sablon Is a full brother of: “104-94”: 1 prov. Bourges 9,503b. with 4 min in front! 1 La Souterraine 2,354b. with 10 min. in front ! Is father of famous top birds: “Kastar”

1 18 52

Noyon 143b. La Souterraine 14,957b. Limoges 16,504b.

“Blauwe Prins” 2 4 11

Vierzon prov. 6,938d. Bourges nat. 12,754b. – 2005 Bourges nat. 10,759b. - 2006


Argenton Chateauroux Bourges

15 73 84

7,452b. 6,832b. 12,161b.

“Dromer” is grandfather of: “Miss Maniwan” – Koopman 1 nat. St. Vincent 25,870b. “Cornelis” - Koopman 1 internat. Limoges ‘10 2nd national ace Fond KBDB ’07 by Erik Limbourg The cock of the world famous “Bak 17” – Aelbrecht Marcel. “ De Dromer” is great grandfather of: 1st national Argenton ’10 by Vandenheede “Mr Expensive”

Father of 1 National Orleans 9,670b. by Gerard Koopman “Broer Dromer” Became by Erik Limbourg father of “Lucky 77” , 1 national ace Fond KBDB 2005. “Iwan 384/00”:

3 36

Nat. Bourges 11,854b. Nat. Argenton 17,933b.

“Goede Zwarten”:

won 1st and 2 prize Dourdan father of 1st nat. Gueret 2002

Is a son out of the base couple of Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede : “Antigoon” x “’T krijt” “Klein Zwart” B02-5065272 – original Pros Roosen Daughter out “De Nationaal” x “Nestzus Bourgesman” “De National” B90-5335977 – original Pros Roosen Won: 1 1 4 6 9 16 33 33

National Bourges Provincial Orleans Fatest of Marne Chateauroux Marne Provincial Orleans Provincial Vierzon Montargis

9,759b. 2,337b. 5,337b. 2,778b. 13,285b. 1,858b. 2,968b. 3,733b. 2,220b.

“Nest zus Bourgesman” B97-5204431 – original Pros Roosen Was by Pros Roosen the hen of top breeder “Flits”. Is moeder van “Magna Carta” 28 44 61 77 94

Nat. Bourges Chateauroux Chateauroux Montluçon Montluçon

Is nest-sister of “Bourges man” “Bourgesman” won:

19,061b. 9,432b. 14,082b. 8,410b. 7,381b.

22 prizes whereby 15 x 1/10 1 Prov. Bourges 2,167b. 1 St. Witz 1,309b. Is a daughter of “Computer II Junior” Won 84 prizes, 56 x 1/10 and 7 x 1st Is a granddaughter of “Computer II” 13 x 1st 1st – 2nd and 6th provincial ace 100% Soontjes

“Granddaughter Zilveren Koppel” B05-5133596 – original Jos Thoné Out the coupling “Grandson Olano” x “Zilver van Top koppel” “Grandson Olano” B03-5135909 – original Pros Roosen Won: 21 521

National Perpignan National Barcelona

7,611b. 12,996b.

Is a grandson of “Olano” “Olano” won 1 national Marseille – Wijnands en zoon Is a son out “Granddaughter Klamper” – Cor de Heijde “Zilver van Top koppel” B01-5025882 – original Pros Roosen Daughter of “Barcelona duivin” “Barcelona duivin” won: 23rd and 157th Nat. Barcelona